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Birdeye Launches Birdeye Social for Local Brands and Businesses

Traditional social media software made posting difficult for local businesses; Birdeye’s new software makes it easy

Birdeye, the leading all-in-one reputation and digital customer experience platform, today announced the launch of Birdeye Social, a social media software platform designed from the ground up to revolutionize social media management for local businesses with multiple social media accounts.

Birdeye Social simplifies social publishing and reputation monitoring for businesses with multiple locations. Instead of manually creating unique posts for each location and localizing posts across dozens of sites, businesses can create and publish personalized posts with individual local information in one step. As the demand for social communication and consumer convenience explodes, it has become mission-critical for local brands and businesses to harness technology to engage digitally with their customers at scale.

“Unfortunately, most social media tools were not designed for multi-location businesses, making it tedious to monitor social reputation and post across multiple accounts and locations,” said Dave Lehman, President, Go-To-Market and Chief Operating Officer at Birdeye.

“Birdeye keeps me organized and provides a total view of the social posts for my twelve locations in one place,” said Mary Rabalais, digital marketing manager of Memphis SEO. “With Birdeye Social, I have the tools to create and schedule all of my posts for the month, so I can rest assured my social media is running on auto-pilot while I focus on growing the business.”

Integrating Social with Birdeye’s digital customer experience platform enables local brands and businesses to have a comprehensive growth platform that includes solutions for getting found online, managing reputation, improving customer satisfaction, and engaging with consumers through web chat, text, and now social media.

“Birdeye Social was designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of multi-location businesses,” said Neeraj Gupta, Co-founder and President of Research and Development at Birdeye. “Birdeye is the highest-rated platform to publish personalized social content across locations, monitor and respond to mentions, engage with followers, and get critical business insights — within our all-in-one digital customer experience platform.”

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