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Bitly and Canva announced new integration

New Partnership Empowers Brands and Businesses to Easily Create or Add Measurable Bitly QR Codes into Designs Within the Canva Platform
Bitly Inc

Bitly Inc., the world’s leading Connections Platform, today announced its new integration with all-in-one visual communication platform Canva that will help customers easily add Bitly QR Codes to Canva designs. Customers can now create, customize, and track QR Code performance across every asset they create, from presentations and menus to social media graphics, advertisements, fliers, and more.

This collaboration brings together two powerful platforms under the shared vision of inspiring and enabling anyone to create more engaging digital experiences online and offline. The partnership comes at a particularly opportune time, as QR Code creations continue to soar year-over-year with 41% growth globally, according to data from the Bitly 2023 QR Code Trends Report.

“At Bitly, our vision has always been to empower brands and businesses to make more meaningful connections with their customers,” said Kevin Raheja, VP of Partnerships, Bitly. “What makes this partnership with Canva so exciting is that it enables millions of users to power their designs with Bitly QR Codes and Short Links more easily, giving them the opportunity to drive action from the assets they create and track performance through our detailed analytics capabilities.”

This integration represents a significant milestone in the democratization of visual communication, bringing together two world-leading platforms that collectively fuel billions of connections. Canva’s 135 million users globally can now easily connect their Bitly and Canva accounts with just a few clicks and seamlessly drag, drop, customize, and track Bitly QR Codes or Short Links across all of their designs.

Anwar Haneef, Head of Ecosystem at Canva, said “Bitly is an essential tool for marketers, educators, and business owners across industries, and like Canva, they simplify workflows and make it easier for customers to connect and engage with their audiences. We’re so excited to offer this integration to empower everyone to get even more value out of the designs they create by accessing the power of the two platforms simultaneously.”

Highlights of the Bitly and Canva Integration include:

  • Create new or add existing Bitly QR Codes and Short Links without having to leave the Canva platform
  • Build more interactive customer experiences by incorporating customized Bitly QR Codes and Short Links into any Canva design
  • Optimize performance with detailed Bitly QR Code and Short Link data to understand how audiences are engaging with design assets

The Bitly and Canva integration opens up a world of possibilities for brands, businesses, and individuals, enabling everyone to create visually compelling and engaging materials that encourage action and drive stronger customer connections.

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