BLEND Localization Launches ‘First-Stamp’

'First-Stamp' Initiative provides SaaS companies with no-risk localization for one new market; startups can choose between several forms of participation

BLEND Localization, the leading end-to-end localization platform for global brands, today announced the launch of its new, risk-free localization program ‘First-Stamp’ to help startups accelerate their geo-expansion plans.

In line with BLEND’s mission to create a borderless world for brands worldwide, BLEND’s initiative aims to help fast-growing tech companies expand their global footprint and reach new audiences outside their country of origin with less risk, resources, and hassle.

BLEND’s program will provide 10-15 SaaS startups with everything they need to expand their global presence into a new market, from strategic guidance and localization consultancy to actual translation and localization services.

The program includes consulting and localization services valued up to an overall total of USD $100,000:

  • Free consultation and guidance on choosing the right markets to expand to
  • Localization best practices—choosing the right tools and resources
  • Help with setting KPIs and success measurement goals
  • Each startup is eligible to receive up to $10K value of localization services to get started. This includes translation, SEO guidance, video localization and more for each company’s main assets including website, landing pages, emails, and ads.

Chosen startups can select either free localization as part of a long-term agreement or a no-risk, success-based payment option contingent on achieving specific KPIs.

BLEND will accept applicants into the program via this registration form by Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

“The current business environment has changed the game plan for many companies around the world. Budget constraints and pressure from investors are forcing companies to search for new growth engines, and geo expansion is one of them. We realize that these startups need more help with localization than ever before, so we want to make it more accessible and less risky. Our goal with this program is to encourage the next generation of startups to grow globally and push through this difficult economic climate,” said Yair Tal, CEO of BLEND.

BLEND helps companies localize their business based on a unique understanding of local context, culture, subtlety, and consumer behavior. Its platform combines AI-driven technologies and a global community of language experts and voice talents in over 120 languages to deliver complex continuous localization at scale.

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