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Blockboard announced the release of BlockCONNECT

The Cookie-Less Platform Provides Clean, Fast Attribution Data for Advertisers in the Rapidly Growing Streaming Media Space.

Performance CTV ad platform Blockboard today announced the release of its new proprietary attribution technology solution, BlockCONNECT. The cookie-less platform provides clean, fast attribution for all advertisers in the growing CTV and OTT space and directly ties media exposure to consumer behavior. The resulting data allows marketers to more precisely assess the consumer journey and quickly adjust media buys and creative executions to maximize their investments.

“We saw a need early on to help our clients get true and timely attribution data from CTV media exposure. As audiences rapidly shift to CTV, advertisers are learning how they can use this medium to not only tell compelling brand and product stories but also sell,” said Matt Wasserlauf, CEO and Co-Founder of Blockboard. “BlockCONNECT gives advertisers the data they need to prove their media strategy and drive the most important business KPI: results.”

Blockboard pixels are created in the BlockCONNECT platform and placed on the client’s site pages. The company provides as many pixels as needed to understand the connection between the media exposure and the pixel on the page delivering them.

BlockCONNECT’s flexible and immediate reporting is also a key benefit built to accommodate specific client needs. The platform provides a unique 24-hour look-back window and an additional window of up to 30 days. This offering is strikingly different from competitive offerings that take weeks to settle and provide data back to the advertiser. In contrast, BlockCONNECT gives advertisers a rapid view of performance and the opportunity to adjust and maximize buys much earlier in the process.

BlockCONNECT is launching after a successful beta with 81% of the firm’s clients, and the technology is currently used by a wide variety of advertiser verticals, including health, travel, and retail.

“The ability to have data connecting our media buys to actual conversions through a trusted technology like blockchain is a game changer for clients,” said beta user Josh Martin, Director of Advertising Sales at INSP and former EVP of Media at performance marketing agency Performics. He also notes that, “BlockCONNECT attribution data has been used by a wide variety of advertisers proving the benefits of more reliable data can help make actionable decisions.”

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