BLOCKBOARD Partners with FreeWheel to Expand Premium Video Access

The integration and accompanying capabilities will allow advertisers to manage their campaigns transparently and without waste across 90% of the premium video ad ecosystem

BLOCKBOARD, a leading ad tech company built with enhanced features to maximize the benefits of the programmatic 2.0 era of advertising, today announced a new partnership with FreeWheel, a Comcast-owned global technology platform for television advertising.

As a result of this collaboration, FreeWheel’s premium CTV inventory will now be available to all of BLOCKBOARD’s advertising clients.

“The rise and interest in CTV and all the great content that is available on this platform also comes with an additional challenge: to create, build and maintain trust across the ad ecosystem,” said Matt Wasserlauf, CEO and Co-Founder of BLOCKBOARD. “Our clients partner with us to drive better business results, and working with FreeWheel provides the most direct and trusted path to that inventory and ensures that their advertising journey begins with quality content and quality impressions.”

The partnership comes as interest and spending in the CTV ad sector are projected to grow. Per an IAB report last month, CTV is on track to outpace all other ad sectors when it comes to 2023 ad spending, at a projected YOY growth of 14.4%. As such, BLOCKBOARD is widening its inventory offerings to meet this demand. Through this integration with FreeWheel, BLOCKBOARD has gained access to the most optimized supply path to high-quality CTV inventory, resulting in more premium advertising opportunities for its demand side clients.

“Working with BLOCKBOARD, we can better connect buyers and sellers across the TV ecosystem, and therefore simplify and enhance the overall ad buying experience,” said Greg Joseph, Head of DSP Partnerships, FreeWheel. “By teaming up, we can provide a more streamlined supply path to marketers, while reducing waste, friction and inefficiency, all while delivering a better experience to consumers.”

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