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Blooming With DUOMAI in 2024: Decade-Long Affiliate Excellence Journey


Expansive Experience and Diverse Brand Partnerships
Since its inception in 2010, has emerged as a seasoned player in the affiliate marketing realm, boasting over 13 years of unparalleled experience. During this period, DUOMAI has curated a diverse portfolio, nurturing partnerships with over 2,000 brands across sectors such as luxury goods, beauty, maternity and baby products, sports, and apparel. The agency’s unique strength lies in its bespoke affiliate marketing strategies, evidenced by collaborations with industry giants like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Chewy, Ulta Beauty, Reformation, and Ashley Homestore.

Global Reach and Media Network
DUOMAI’s success is rooted in its expansive global outreach, particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Asia-Pacific region. The agency’s extensive network encompasses over 600,000 premium media outlets, including content websites, bloggers, and influencer WeChat communities. With a robust network of more than 150,000 bloggers and 200 Creators within DUOMAI’s MCN agency, the agency’s collaborations extend globally, engaging with rebate sites critical for driving sales growth.

Advanced Technology and Data Analytics
At the heart of DUOMAI’s operations is its cutting-edge technical team, offering comprehensive services to brand partners. This includes sophisticated order tracking systems, robust fraud prevention mechanisms, and extensive technical support. The BI team at DUOMAI delves deep into brand insights, utilizing proprietary big data analysis tools, REMAI DATA and CRM data systems, for enhanced marketing efforts. These tools provide invaluable insights for real-time monitoring and analysis of creator content, aligning with brand standards and mitigating fraudulent activities effectively.

DUOMAI’s Specialist Affiliate Team: Diversified Expertise Fueling Brand Growth
Advanced Technology and Data Analytics play a central role in DUOMAI’s operations, with a state-of-the-art tech team that renders comprehensive services to brand partners. These include intricate order tracking systems, robust fraud prevention mechanisms, and broad technical support.
DUOMAI’s BI team goes beyond the surface to garner brand insights, employing proprietary big data analytical tools, REMAI DATA, and CRM data systems to bolster marketing initiatives. These instruments are crucial for the real-time monitoring and analysis of creator content, ensuring alignment with brand standards and effectively mitigating fraudulent activities.

Tailored Performance Marketing and ROI Optimization
DUOMAI excels in tailored performance marketing and ROI optimization, marrying industry expertise with a nuanced understanding of market dynamics. By analyzing performance metrics and consumer insights, DUOMAI refines marketing efforts to surpass the unique requirements of each brand. The agency’s commitment to transparency and continual campaign optimization ensures productive partnerships, driving conversions, increasing revenue, and fostering sustained growth in a dynamic digital landscape.

In 2024, DUOMAI Continues to Lead the Affiliate Marketing Landscape
As we step into 2024, DUOMAI remains a trailblazer in affiliate marketing, leveraging its wealth of experience and innovative approaches to propel global traffic and cultivate enduring success for brands worldwide.

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