Bloomreach announced new features for Bloomreach Discovery


Bloomreach, the platform fueling limitless e-commerce experiences, today announced new Bloomreach Discovery features and enhancements built to support B2B merchandisers, including new capabilities within group merchandising, SKU searchability, and facet enhancements. These features empower merchandisers with greater control as they optimize the e-commerce experience to match the needs of each user and each customer, across industries and locations. They add to countless merchandising features already available in Bloomreach Discovery, a solution that empowers merchandisers with a unique balance of AI and user control.

“We spend a lot of time delving into the unique challenges that B2B businesses encounter in the e-commerce landscape,” said Jordan Roper, General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Discovery. “For these businesses, discoverability is key. That’s why we’re focused on enhancements to help our B2B merchandisers optimize the site experience and deliver exactly what buyers are looking for — as quickly and easily as possible.”

The recently launched features and enhancements for Bloomreach Discovery offer more ways for merchandisers to increase discoverability for buyers. They include:

  • Group merchandising: which improves product discoverability and drives conversions with the ability to merchandise groups of products based on any attribute, such as “manufacturer series,” “finish” or “specification met.” This expands the scope of Bloomreach’s previously launched dynamic grouping, allowing teams to merchandise the created groups.
  • SKU searchability: which allows merchandisers to make product variants (such as finishes, sizes, and dimensions) searchable so that a buyer’s specific search delivers results with only those attributes, improving the time it takes to navigate large catalogs. This creates a more seamless buying journey and ultimately supports the acceleration of customer adoption of e-commerce.
  • Facet enhancements: which gives merchandisers the ability to rank, reorder, and customize the display of number-facets, increasingly important for B2B shoppers, directly in their dashboard at global, search, and category levels to better match the specific needs of their buyers

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