Bloomreach announces Bloomreach Discovery


Bloomreach, the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, today announced Bloomreach Discovery has deepened its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with easier customization for its search algorithms. With these new enhancements, users will be able to create product discovery experiences that are optimized for revenue generation based on the unique buying patterns of their customers.

“Bloomreach has been a pioneer for commerce search for over a decade,” said Raj De Datta, co-founder and CEO, Bloomreach. “We have always believed in an AI-driven approach, paired with easy tools for users to adapt search and category results for their own goals. With our latest release, we’re jumping even farther ahead of the one-size-fits-all approach other search solutions offer for e-commerce, allowing businesses to tailor the product discovery experience for the needs of their business.”

Most search engines today treat “e-commerce” as a single use case. Whether on an e-commerce site for a direct-to-consumer fashion brand or a B2B distributor, the same algorithms determine what results a customer will see when they search for an item. In reality, each business needs to prioritize different search results in order to drive maximum revenue, taking into account customer buying patterns and product assortment. For example, a B2B distributor needs to show precise results (a customer will only buy spare parts for a specific machine), while a D2C fashion brand can use broader results to inspire a different or additional purchase (a customer looking for a black dress may also be interested in a black skirt on sale).

With the new enhancements, Bloomreach has optimized its ranking algorithms with the goal of improving ranking on torso/tail queries, especially when using segment-based personalization, and giving greater influence to merchandiser rules on category pages without much user behavior data.

Bloomreach Discovery customers will also be able to selectively apply different Bloomreach algorithms through dashboard controls. These pre-built, intelligent algorithms allow search product managers and merchandising teams to customize Bloomreach’s AI to accelerate revenue lift for their specific business goals. Algorithms can be applied to different parts of the site or across the entire experience, and those that want to more heavily customize through a developer team will have API-level controls for this. This drives increased efficiency for commerce teams, increased relevance for customers, and increased revenue for businesses.

Leading businesses around the world are driving double-digit revenue increases with Bloomreach Discovery’s balance of AI automation and merchandiser control. Learn more about its capabilities today.

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