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Bloomreach announces Catalog Management feature

Bloomreach, the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, today announced a new feature from Bloomreach Discovery that gives merchandisers greater control over their product catalogs. With Catalog Management, merchandising teams can use business user-friendly tools to easily configure and manage all product catalogs within their account. This leads to even faster time to value for new Bloomreach Discovery customers and equips all users with the power to see data import activity and make configuration changes in real time.

The data implementation process for product discovery tools can take time, and often becomes more complicated with larger product catalogs. This can lead to delays in generating value from the tool, as merchandisers have to wait for the implementation process to be completed before they can make changes or customizations to the data. Catalog Management solves for this issue directly by enabling search and merchandising teams to manage the data integration process on their own. It offers users the ability to view, manage, diagnose, and explore data across all the catalogs in their account, allowing them the freedom to optimize their merchandising, make necessary changes or customizations in real-time, and unlock faster time to value.

With this new feature, business users can view, debug, and test new API call types against all of their product catalogs in one place. They are also able to select which data attributes they want to show up in the product feed, ensuring product data is relevant for their business and for customer queries. Users can also perform typical management operations such as changing common settings or copying and promoting configurations between catalogs.

“With Catalog Management, merchandisers and e-commerce developers now have a completely self-service way to customize the search experience based on the unique data in their catalogs,” said Jordan Roper, General Manager and Head of Product for Bloomreach Discovery. “Bloomreach understands just how important fast time to value and user autonomy are for our customers, so we built this feature to equip teams with everything they need to start driving revenue with Bloomreach Discovery — quickly. We’re thrilled to offer yet another way to give merchandisers greater control over their product data and how it’s used to configure the search experience.”

Hundreds of leading brands use Bloomreach Discovery to drive more relevant product discovery for their customers, driving increases in revenue per visitor, add-to-cart rates, and more. Learn more about what Bloomreach Discovery helps businesses around the world achieve with its industry-leading solutions.

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