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Bloomreach launches new feature from Bloomreach Engagement

As Brands Prepare for Increased Site Traffic During the Holiday Season, Contextual Personalization Ensures Every Web Campaign is Built to Convert

Bloomreach, the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, today announced the launch of Contextual Personalization, a new feature from Bloomreach Engagement that allows marketers to tap into the missed revenue opportunities presented by traditional A/B testing. As marketers prepare for the holiday shopping season ahead, this feature will ensure they can drive maximum conversion rates across digital channels at a time when customer engagement is highest.

“We’re very excited to launch Contextual Personalization, especially knowing how significant of an impact it can have for our customers during the coming holiday season,” said Anirban Bardalaye, Chief Product Officer, Bloomreach. “Using AI and machine learning, this feature ensures that marketers can build every web campaign with the customer and their preferences at the forefront. This is a scaled, 1:1 extension of A/B testing that adjusts to customer activity in real-time, providing them with more relevant content and driving revenue. We can’t wait to see what our customers will achieve with this feature.”

With traditional A/B testing, marketers test multiple messages with different customer segments to see which garners the best engagement. The “winning” variant then gets sent to all customers, assuming most, but not all, are likely to take action. Contextual Personalization uses historical customer data, in-session behavioral data, and demographical data to reach every customer with relevant content, determining which messages are most likely to engage a particular customer. As the customer interacts with the test variants, Bloomreach Engagement learns the context in which the customer performs (or does not perform) the action. Then, it adapts in real-time to ensure the customer sees the most relevant message, based on the context of their past and in-session actions.

In practice, this can look like a free shipping banner appearing for customers who often buy items at full price, while a promotional discount displays for bargain hunters, and sustainable product recommendations appear for shoppers browsing recycled clothing. This level of personalization ensures each consumer sees what is most likely to inspire action, ultimately improving click-through rates, site traffic, customer lifetime value, and conversion rates. When utilized at scale, it means marketers maximize the impact of their campaigns — with no additional effort — all while giving customers more of what they want.

Bloomreach customers are already recognizing double digital increases in on-site conversion rates with the help of Contextual Personalization. Learn more about what’s possible here.

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