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BlueConic wins “Best Customer Data Platform” Award

Martech Breakthrough Awards 2019 honored BlueConic with Best CDP award
BlueConic wins “Best Customer Data Platform” Award

BlueConic, a global leader in Customer Data Platform (CDP), today announced that it has been selected as the winner of the “Best Customer Data Platform” award by MarTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top technologies, products, and companies in the global marketing, advertising, and sales technology industry today.

The MarTech Breakthrough Awards is functioning on its mission, to honor excellence and acknowledge the innovation, hard work, and success in a scope of marketing, advertising, and sales technology, related categories, including marketing automation, AdTech, market research and customer experience, SalesTech, mobile marketing, marketing analytics, content and social marketing, and many more. This year’s program attracted more than 2,500 nominations from over 15 different countries around the globe.

Three Major Specialties of BlueConic CDP,

  1. Marketing owned-and-operated, IT approved – BlueConic has been centered around the marketer since its origin, solving the challenges specific to the marketing organization with regards to customer data access. That means designing a platform that is intuitive, real-time, and fully accessible with a point-and-click interface for segmentation, activation, and data collection within the context of the marketer’s needs. And because data privacy is core to the platform, it is constructed on an infrastructure and governance model that IT will not just support, but also be enthusiastic about bringing on.
  2. Accelerated time-to-value – Historically, data and technology projects are extensive and poorly-scoped, resulting in years between purchase and implementation, and between starting and results. So BlueConic has designed the platform and onboarding process so marketing professionals will see value in weeks and months while providing a clear roadmap to expand their use cases over time. These same principles also reduce the level of effort and resources required to support the BlueConic implementation.
  3. Scale for today’s goals and tomorrow’s ambitions – BlueConic builds a unified, actionable customer view, but the nature of today’s consumer journeys is that this view is dynamic. So managing the single customer view is more of a discipline than a result of a CDP implementation. That is why BlueConic’s underlying architecture was designed to provide flexibility and efficiency over time, instead of locking marketers into particular data schemas or burdening them with ballooning data storage costs over time.

A global leader in Customer data platform, BlueConic, liberates marketers first-party data from all the unique systems in which it exists and makes it accessible whenever and wherever it is required for marketing. Nearly 300 consumers and B2B brands, including T-Mobile, Hearst Newspapers, America’s Test Kitchen, Moen, ING, and American Kennel Club, leverage BlueConic to unify their first-party customer data into robust, person-level profiles, after that activate it across their marketing ecosystem.

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