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BLUETTI’s Black Friday Sale: Unbeatable Savings 2023


As Black Friday 2023 approaches, BLUETTI, a pioneer in portable power solutions, is offering unbeatable prices on its products during the shopping season starting November 20. Besides these great deals, shoppers will also get its new EP760 energy storage system at an unmissable deal.

BLUETTI Home Backup Power Solutions

The EP760 energy storage system is designed to help reduce electricity bills and emissions. It comes with a 7,600 inverter, a flexible capacity of up to 19.8kWh, and a 9,000W solar charging. Homeowners can live sustainably by maximising clean solar energy, whether for power self-sufficiency or to sell back to the grid. Even without solar panels, the EP760 system is a worthwhile investment for emergency backup and managing time-of-use electricity pricing.

For homes or remote off-grid work, the AC300+B300 and AC500+B300S provide a powerful, transportable power source. Thanks to their modular design, users can move them around and expand their capacity as their needs grow. Quickly switching in 20 milliseconds, they also supply uninterrupted power to essential appliances during summer blackouts.

BLUETTI Popular Power Station

One of Australians’ favourite power stations is the BLUETTI AC180, which can produce 1,800 watts of UPS and 2,700 watts of lifting power for resistive loads like kettles and hair dryers. Its efficient 1,440W mains charging and 500W solar chargers mean it always recovers quickly with minimal downtime.

BLUETTI Portable Solar Generator Kits

EB70+MP200: The compact powerhouse charges various outdoor essentials under 1,000W, like car fridges, coffee makers, induction cook tops, and more. It’s solar ready for road trips and off-grid living.

EB3A+PV120: The 4.6kg EB3A generates 600W of AC power from its small 268Wh battery. With versatile outlets and multiple charging methods, it is perfect for outdoor camping and emergency backup.

BLUETTI’s Black Friday sale also includes offers such as special gifts, multiplied BLUETTI Bucks, exclusive coupons, and more. Don’t miss these exclusive deals, available only once a year, starting on November 20.

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