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BlueVenn Launches Its New Real-time Customer Data Platform for Marketers to Realize a Single Customer View

New BlueVenn Unify gives marketing teams the power to unify fragmented online and offline customer data from across the business
Customer Data Platform

BlueVenn, a leading marketing technology vendor in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) market, announced today that it has launched BlueVenn Unify, a new CDP that enables marketing teams to centralize all their online and offline customer data from disconnected systems, including all the transactions and interactions, to create a unified customer view.

BlueVenn Unify is the second generation of Customer Data Platform technology from BlueVenn and is designed to reduce the complex burden for marketers and IT teams to consistently validate, match, merge, enhance and de-duplicate customer data that’s being collected across CRM, web sites, mobile apps, marketing channels and third parties. For organizations that cannot access “marketing-ready” data for analytics, segmentation and multi-channel personalization, it ensures that every digital or offline marketing channel utilizes trustworthy and consistent data for optimized results.

Additional functionality in BlueVenn Unify includes new data loading and ETL tools for non-technical users to automate the ingestion and transformation of data into the platform, as well as to surface a Golden Record to other third party marketing systems. Modern GDPR and data privacy management modules have also been added to Unify to provide one-click capabilities to generate Subject Access Requests or erase Personally Identifiable Data (PII) when requested.

Steve Klin, BlueVenn’s CEO commented, “BlueVenn Unify enables the marketing team to connect to infinite data sources, real-time or batch, and automate the deduplication, cleansing and consolidation of their data. It scales from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of customer records, and as new data sources or channels become available, adding them is a simple process for the marketing team to load and link them into Unify. Marketers are stifled in their ability to work with data effectively and it leads to inaccurate insights, untargeted marketing and too much time manually wrestling with their data day-by-day. Unify will be transformational for these businesses!”

The rich data management functionality in Unify was previously only available as part of BlueVenn’s complete customer analytics and campaign management solution, but has now been decoupled from the complete solution and available as a plug and play platform that organizations can purchase on its own.

Traditionally, achieving a SCV has been seen as a long, expensive and bespoke project that only enterprise brands could entertain. BlueVenn Unify, however will make the investment more practical for smaller brands to compete at the same level, whilst also giving enterprise brand marketers unparalleled control to create their coveted single view of the customer.

Klin continues, “BlueVenn Unify creates a complete memory of every click, open, visit, transaction or interaction with your brand, all tied to a single record that is consistent and can then be shared with all your marketing platforms and customer-facing systems. Of course, for those that want to activate the data with segmentation, analytics and marketing automation tools then we can turn that functionality on too with our flagship BlueVenn ENGAGE product.”

BlueVenn will be running a launch webinar on March 27th at 11am EDT, when marketers, analysts and marketing technologists, can log in to find out about the new customer data platform features and see a live demo of the system. The webinar is open to everyone to attend and free of charge.

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