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Bold Screen Media Launches Performance Division Rebrand to Opn

A new performance division called Opn puts visibility and transparency first
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Bold Screen Media, a leader in the multi-dimensional marketing space, is proud to introduce Opn, a major rebrand of its performance division. Opn will offer digital media solutions that put visibility and transparency first. Opn continues to be a top mobile performance agency providing high volume and high-value users to many leading brands martech news.

Opn, pronounced “open,” is built around the idea of being available and transparent with partners. Opn has become a trusted partner to brands who want to extend their reach beyond paid social and search channels without compromising quality, visibility, and control martech.

Opn’s platform helps well-known brands in the mobile space deliver high value new users at scale and combines performance data, fraud prevention tools, insights, and concise optimization reporting to give clients the full picture of their campaign social media advertising.

Commenting on the launch, Chris Catlow, General Manager of Opn says, “Over the past few years our industry has become increasingly focused on quality, transparency, and the eradication of fraud. We have built a platform and offer services and analytics specifically designed to address these needs in an effort to become an extension of our client’s in-house marketing efforts. As such, we saw an opportunity to re-align the business name with this value proposition moving forward.”

Introducing the rebrand, CEO & Founder Dan Alexander explains, “Performance marketing budgets are planned differently within the brand and require a different level focus and specialty. We naturally act as an extension of the brand and focus on transparency, brand safety and driving high value users. Renaming our performance division as Opn will help new and existing clients to better understand our focus.”

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