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BondExchange Generates New Business For Agents


BondExchange (, the technology leader in surety, announces an upgrade to BookBuilder, its feature that generates thousands of free leads and commissions for insurance agents by pairing them with insureds in their area.

“This upgrade allows us to leverage our SEO and site traffic to the benefit of our agents,” says Jackson Cromer, President of BondExchange. “Retail customers can now apply for bonds, connect with an insurance agent in their area and purchase the bond all through our top-ranking site pages, providing our agents with commission on the house and a great cross-selling opportunity.”

BondExchange invests heavily in digital marketing, leading to tens of thousands of users visiting its website each month. As a wholesale only MGA, BondExchange won’t issue bonds directly for insureds without an agent on the transaction, rather their BookBuilder tool utilizes all of this site traffic to the advantage of their agents.

BondExchange first launched BookBuilder in December 2021, and the initial version of the feature allowed retail customers to submit quotes tied directly to a BondExchange agent in their area through an online directory. Now, retail customers can submit applications on BondExchange’s most popular website pages and will automatically be assigned a local agent.

“BondExchange is more than just a surety partner for agents,” continued Cromer. “We’re the industry’s best marketing arm as well. We actively promote agents to local consumers for free, allowing them to earn commissions and obtain new leads without doing any work. Our latest upgrade to BookBuilder makes obtaining a quote even easier for insureds and puts our agents front and center. We’re excited to bring this enhancement to our agents!”

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