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Booksie Launches Digital Stamp for Creative Work

Literary platform continues to make a splash in the publishing space by partnering with Chainletter Labs to give away $1 million in leading technology to help writers protect their work using blockchain technology

Booksie, the digital platform that helps writers tell their story continues to disrupt the publishing industry with another innovative launch that substantiates writers’ credibility and ownership of their work. Booksie Postmarks is a way to easily and publicly authenticate ownership of a digital file.

Booksie Postmarks offers a transformative way for writers to safeguard ownership of their content. This innovative feature provides a digital stamp, creating public proof of ownership that validates the authenticity of the files and confirms they have not been tampered with. Leveraging blockchain and zero-knowledge proof technology, authors can do this while maintaining the privacy of their actual files.

Booksie has also partnered with Chainletter Labs to give away the first 1 million Postmarks, valued at $1 million. Postmarks will be available to all Booksie members.

“Many writers are nervous about putting their work out there for fear of it getting stolen by humans or AI,” says founder of Booksie and Co-Founder of Chainletter Labs, Sol Nasisi, “Using blockchain and zero-knowledge proofs, Postmarks provide writers and creatives with proof they own their work before they share it.”

The announcement of Booksie Postmarks follows the recent launch of Booksie Limited Editions and Booksie Online Bot (BOB), which both debuted within the past few months. The AI bot allows all questions from writers whether it is asking for ideas to get their creative juices flowing or double checking for spelling and grammar errors. Limited Editions offers authors a new way to monetize their works and brings ownership back to books.

Booksie is full steam ahead and will be announcing new revolutionary capabilities within the coming months.

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