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Boost Your Marketing Podcast with AI: Insider Tips for 2024

Learn how AI can transform content creation and podcasting. Get expert tips from Joe Towner, Content Lead at Podcastle, on optimizing and promoting your podcast in 2024.
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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in automated content creation and optimization has rapidly gained momentum in recent years. 83% of businesses1 are already experimenting with AI on their marketing channels, and the AI content creation market is set to jump from $15.2 Billion in 2024 to $175.3 Billion by 20332.

As AI content creation technology advances, it will become an indispensable asset in every marketer’s toolkit.

Benefits of Using AI for Content

Artificial intelligence is transforming content creation and presenting new opportunities for marketers. Here are some key benefits of leveraging AI for content marketing in 2024:

1. Speed: Marketers can significantly accelerate content production using AI tools. Instead of starting from scratch, AI content generators can create initial drafts within seconds, drastically reducing the time spent on content creation.

2. Scale: AI allows marketers to produce content at a greater volume and frequency. AI tools can scale infinitely, removing the limitations imposed by human writing capacity.

3. Savings: AI content creation is more affordable than hiring freelance writers or creative agencies. The investment required for AI tools is relatively, enabling startups and small businesses to achieve premium content quality.

Despite these key benefits, AI tools currently work best with human collaboration.

Current State of AI Content

AI content creation tools have made impressive advancements in recent years. However, most AI tools still have limitations when compared to human writers.

The quality of AI-generated content heavily depends on the dataset used to train the models. With a limited dataset, the output may lack the depth and complexity you’re looking for.

AI systems often struggle with research-heavy or complex topics, leading to subtle errors, repetition, and a lack of clear narrative. While AI tools can quickly generate content on simple topics, there are still apparent gaps compared to human expertise.

The gaps in insight provided by AI mean fact-checking and editing by humans are still very much required. AI content should be a starting point that can be shaped and refined.

AI for Podcast Content Generation

The use of AI in generating podcast content is on the rise. AI tools can assist in generating podcast scripts, summarizing content into audio clips, synthesizing voices, and more, reducing the time, effort, and spending usually required to produce high-quality podcasts.

Several AI-powered tools have emerged to streamline podcast content creation. For instance, AI-powered platforms like Podcastle offer AI voice cloning, allowing you to create a digital copy of your voice that can be used to bring written content to life.

AI can also streamline editing. Podcastle’s Magic Dust and Silence Remover3 features can remove all the background noise from your audio and awkward silences with a simple click.

While AI-generated content still requires human oversight, as mentioned, it provides a significant efficiency boost for scaling podcast output. As AI content creation advances, more podcasters can integrate these tools into their workflows.

Promoting Your Podcast

Once you have implemented your AI-powered podcast production process, knowing how to promote it is essential for building an audience and attracting more listeners. Here are some effective tactics for promoting your podcast in 2024:

1. Social Media: Promote new episodes using social platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Select your platforms based on your key audience personas. The latest AI tools will automatically create engaging video or image clips and write compelling episode descriptions that you can then use as part of your promotion.

2. Guest Outreach: Inviting influential or noteworthy guests to your podcast is a great way to tap into their audience and attract new listeners. Research relevant guests4 to invite to your show and personally reach out to schedule interviews. Promote episodes featuring guests across both podcast and guest channels.

3. Cross-Promotion: Collaborate with podcasters in your niche to promote each other’s episodes. Offer to feature their show in exchange for them featuring your show, expanding your podcast’s exposure to engage new audiences and increasing listenership.

4. Email Marketing: Utilize email marketing to keep your audience updated and engaged with upcoming content.

AI has huge potential to make podcast creation and consumption easier, more engaging, and more measurable. While human hosts and creators are unlikely to disappear entirely, AI assistance will allow them to focus on unleashing their creativity rather than being limited by expensive equipment and editing skill gaps. The future of podcasting is undoubtedly AI-powered.

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Joe Towner, Content Lead at Podcastle

Joe Towner is Content Lead at Podcastle, an AI-powered audio and video creation platform for marketers, creators and podcasters. He has over a decade of experience creating content for global brands and 15 years of experience in podcasting.

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