Boostr Launches Commissions Product for Publishers

The omnichannel CRM and Order Management platform's new product creates revolutionary transparency in the sales process for Ad Sales Teams
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Boostr, the leading omnichannel CRM and Order Management platform designed for media and advertising companies, today announced the launch of its new Commissions Product for its CRM and OMS platforms. A first for the media industry, now companies using Boostr’s CRM or OMS can automatically calculate incentive payments per seller based on their performance.

Sales Commissions for Ad Sales teams are supposed to be motivational, however, the current state of spreadsheet and manual solutions erodes trust and productivity.  Today, media companies spend too much time, effort and money tracking sales and commissions. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Boostr in August 2021, 85% of publishers believe their organization spends too much time manually entering inventory and revenue data. Boostr’s Commissions Product streamlines this process, resulting in less errors and freed up resources.

“The lack of trust and visibility into sales commissions is a headache from the CEO to the individual seller,” said Patrick O’Leary, Boostr founder & CEO. “With our product, sellers have transparent access to see their commission payments in real time. Because both sellers and finance can see how the incentive payments are being calculated, it takes less time to investigate disputes, which ultimately shortens the time it takes to finalize commissions payments as well. Additionally, having a system do the calculations allows our clients to spend more time working on higher value tasks, which ultimately benefits their bottom line.”

The Commissions Product is a unique offering, because unlike traditional commissions solutions in the market, Boostr’s product is integrated into the CRM and OMS system that stores the seller’s performance data. This results in a seamless solution, eliminating disruptions caused by broken integrations and incomplete sales performance data.

The Ad Sales Commissions Product creates a new section within the Boostr platform, for sellers to view their real time commission statements.  Additionally, commission admins will be able to create tailored compensation plans that include: a set of payees whose incentive payments will be calculated for, a payment schedule with performance evaluation, and one or more components to calculate the actual incentive amounts based on the client-specified performance metrics.

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