Botify Named “Innovative Marketing Technology” Winner

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Fast-Track, accelerator of European startups in the Asia-Pacific region, and Dentsu. Inc, the leading communications group in Japan, have chosen Botify as the winner of their Innovative Marketing Technology award to help drive the development and growth of Dentsu Inc.’s clients and partners through the Dentsu Innovation Initiative (DII).

After several months in search of the best French startups in the fields of Data, EduTech, Content Marketing, e-Commerce, and Blockchain, Fast-Track and Dentsu Inc. chose Botify as the recipient of a $30,000+ grant to facilitate the utilization of its enterprise search engine optimization platform for large brands in Japan.

Botify works with 500+ brands and agencies in North AmericaSouth America, and Europe to help them drive the greatest return from the organic search channel. By applying Botify’s unique methodology and innovative technology, these companies are seeing greater returns on their marketing investment and faster overall growth.

“We are three years into our US launch and seven years from the launch of Botify in France and greater Europe. To be given an opportunity to expand into the Asia-Pacific market, with one of the most influential media and marketing agencies in the world, is truly amazing. We are so thrilled that Fast-Track and Dentsu, Inc. have recognized Botify with this honor,” said Adrien Ménard, CEO of Botify.

“We cannot wait to start working with Botify,” said Keigo Aoki, General Manager at Dentsu Innovation Initiative. “Japan is a land of innovation and technology and we are constantly looking for the most promising solutions for our customers and partners. Today, thanks to Fast-Track, France is once again demonstrating its full potential and know-how through innovative companies.”

“This is an excellent way for Botify to take a measured approach to a demanding market before opening up to other APAC countries,” said Alexandre Olmedo, Managing Partner and co-founder of Fast-Track. “We are certain Adrien and his team will make the most of this unique opportunity.”

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