Boutique SEO Agency, JCT Growth Launches Content Sprints

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JCT Growth is proud to announce its newest growth marketing offering: Content Sprints. Content Sprints are a modern take on the typical SEO program that allow for hyper-growth in a short time period.

As the SEO industry matures and continues to grow (up 19% from 2022 to 2023) and trust within the marketing channel continues to strengthen, sprint-offerings are expected to increase due to their flexibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are generally offered as a monthly retainer service. SEO is historically a long-term strategy, due to how Google’s algorithm indexes and understands content. The long duration of time it takes to get results, compared with other marketing channels like PPC, has historically led to a lack of trust with SEO agencies to be able to deliver results.

The Content Sprint tosses this concept on its head. Instead, it realigns SEO in the vein of a traditional marketing campaign with a set start, finish, and review – versus the kind of on-going long-term commitment that SEO services typically entail.

A content sprint campaign with JCT Growth takes about 4 months from conception to completion – lightning-fast in the world of SEO.

The process of the campaign involves:

      1. Thorough customer research, client interviews, and product understanding
      2. Scalable SEO targeting through the use of AI and keyword clustering
      3. Competitive analysis and research
      4. Content Ideation and Planning
      5. Content Creation Management
      6. Advanced Reporting of customer segments, keyword groups, and core KPIs

Due to a combination of hyper-targeted content, rich and useful information, SEO strategy and high-publishing velocity, a Content Sprint paves the way for massive growth in 6 months, with continuing growth for at least one year.

“In the 10+ years that I’ve been practicing SEO – this is the one lever that I highly recommend businesses to pull to increase their Organic presence,” said Jesse Teske, CEO of JCT Growth. “For the business owner that understands SEO, it’s a no brainer. With the flexibility inherent in the relationship, it allows for rapid iteration, improvement, and the ability to throw more gas on the fire when it’s working.”

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