Bracken launches Bracken CRM

New integration brings clinical trial data directly to existing CRM solutions
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The Bracken Group, a leading professional services firm serving the life science industry, announced today the release of its new data-driven sales enablement product, Bracken CRM. With custom implementation, Bracken CRM uniquely combines cleaned data from within existing HubSpot® or Salesforce® customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, delivering novel search functions, reporting capabilities, and targeting, all for the first time within a client’s CRM.

Bracken CRM gives sales teams the ability to combine sales intelligence and market intelligence to comprehensively understand their selling environment within their central CRM. The clean and routinely updated data delivered by Bracken CRM allows sales teams to associate revenue opportunities to the clinical trials that are influencing revenue. Doing so unlocks a new world of capabilities within the CRM environment, such as automation using clinical trial criteria. Integrating with users’ current CRMs, Bracken CRM presents distinct market advantages, such as single sign-in to both a seamless CRM software and novel and enlightening dashboards, sales leads, and business-driven data.

“Using data to boost sales isn’t new,” said Elliot Miller, Bracken Chief Growth Officer. “However, the challenge that life science salespeople face is managing all their sales activity in their CRM and then retrieving market data from separate systems with different logins and limitations. Bracken CRM puts all the industry data inside the CRM to create a new type of sales and market intelligence working together in one platform. This efficiency creates more time and information for salespeople to do what they do best: sell.”

Bracken CRM complements Bracken’s proprietary suite of data tools, which offer users the ability to curate life science data sources and summarize them in real time. Bracken CRM and Bracken’s other analytics solutions allow life science clients to make informed decisions based on clean, valuable, and focused intelligence.

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