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BRAG Index II Identifies Power App Brands of Q2

Cash App, News Break, McDonalds, SHEIN, tubi Named Top BRAG-gers
Digital Turbine

Digital Turbine, Inc. ( Nasdaq: APPS), the leading independent mobile growth platform, and Apptopia Inc., a leader in real-time competitive intelligence, today released The BRAG (Brand Relative App Growth) Index II, the second of a new report series. The latest report reveals new intelligence on key trends happening across top mobile app categories and actionable insights on effective mobile UA tactics by analyzing a combination of brand performance tracking and deep app performance metrics.

In a post IDFA and consolidation-minded world, there’s an increasing need for understanding the art of brand building in addition to the science of user acquisition. The first BRAG Index gave well-timed insight to the mobile marketing tactics and trends born in this new age of mobile marketing. BRAG Index 2 adds new metrics: Brand Power and Brand Velocity, to gain further insights on critical market issues such as:

  • Which leading financial brands are best positioned to become a super app?
  • Whose streaming video brand is built to survive in a content and consolidation war?
  • Which QSR brands have the clout to fight back against food delivery apps?
  • While discretionary spending has gone down, which shopping brands have trended up?
  • Do publisher app brands even matter that much and will they ever on mobile phones?

“Today’s best marketers are looking into a better understanding of their full funnel— from understanding attention and awareness to view-thru attribution in an ID-less environment,” said Greg Wester, SVP at Digital Turbine. “Having a method to understand full-funnel metrics is a new and critical missing piece. Our brand tracking combined with Apptopia’s expertise in app performance data with rich consumer insights, really creates a unique and trusted lens on needed marketplace insights.”

The report combines proprietary 3rd-party survey data on brand factors such as awareness, intent and opinions measured at the beginning of each quarter, with actual install and engagement data for the full quarter, provided via Apptopia.

“We’re excited to release the latest report in the BRAG series,” said Jonathan Kay, CEO at Apptopia. “Because brand and performance are interrelated, it’s important to take a multifaceted approach to dive deeper into the relationship between brand strength and broader issues impacting the app ecosystem. We look forward building upon this foundation in future reports.”

Mobile Explorers – A New Mobile Podcast Series Powered by the BRAG report from Digital Turbine and Apptopia

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