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Branch Acquires Adlibertas to extend its value as a MMP

The AdLibertas acquisition represents Branch's continued investment in building next-generation mobile measurement capabilities

Branch, the leader in mobile linking and measurement, has acquired AdLibertas, a predictive data platform built for mobile apps. The acquisition will allow Branch to extend its value as a mobile measurement partner (MMP) for companies driving growth, engagement and revenue across all marketing channels.

“The mobile advertising ecosystem is growing increasingly complex and privacy-focused, but AdLibertas has a head start in building toward the future where mobile marketers depend on data to remain effective,” said Mike Molinet, COO and Co-founder of Branch. “We’re thrilled to bring the AdLibertas team on board to leverage their deep expertise as we expand Branch’s MMP offerings.”

AdLibertas was founded in 2016 to help mobile app developers leverage their own first-party user data to monitor, grow and optimize their apps. By collecting and aggregating complex and disparate data sources, AdLibertas provides important insights about user behavior, which enables mobile developers to answer key questions that help their app grow.

“Mobile advertising and measurement are undergoing fundamental change which presents both an incredible challenge and opportunity for mobile marketers,” said Adam Landis, CEO of AdLibertas. “We’ve long been fans of Branch and the company’s vision for the future. We’re excited to team up and build towards that future together.”

The combination of Branch and AdLibertas will accelerate innovation and execution in building the next-generation MMP, allowing mobile marketers to continue effectively growing and scaling their apps in a privacy-centric ecosystem.

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