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Brand advertising firm LoopMe Ties Brand Outcomes to Connected TV

PurchaseLoop now includes CTV inventory, closing the loop on cross-screen optimization, measurement and attribution
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LoopMe, the outcomes-based video platform, today announced its flagship product, PurchaseLoop, can now be used to optimize and provide attribution for connected TV (CTV) campaigns in near-real time. With artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology that closes the loop on brand outcomes, this latest innovation ties brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent actions to CTV and digital campaigns, delivering accountability and measurement for CTV investments

With the launch of this new capability, LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop Brand product amplifies and extends CTV advertising effectiveness in-flight, reducing the time between campaign flighting and brand impact results. Unlike other solutions in the marketplace today, LoopMe’s technology works faster due to its AI-powered platform and its machine learning technology, delivering a smarter audience pool that drives higher results. The LoopMe solution includes measurement, attribution and optimization at the household level, powered by LoopMe’s proprietary household identity graph, built from deterministic data of over 250 million devices that covers 90 million U.S. CTV households.

“At LoopMe, we’ve always been focused on closing the loop on brand advertising, creating better consumer experiences through innovation and data,” says Stephen Upstone, LoopMe’s CEO and founder. “Adding CTV to our platform brings us closer to providing our clients with full-funnel actionable insights at a household level, understanding audience behaviors and optimizing media investments towards real outcomes.”

LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop suite also offers audience insights via proprietary brand surveys that create targeting segments and first-party data for brands that want a more recent in-market audience pool, with the ability to map back to a household.

LoopMe’s award-winning PurchaseLoop is 2x more effective than traditional advertising optimization, using cutting-edge AI to optimize video advertising to real-world brand outcomes. Going beyond clicks and views, LoopMe’s AI technology means it is possible to transcend digital proxy metrics and deliver against the metrics that matter — awareness, consideration, favorability, intent, foot traffic, conversions, and online and offline sales.

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