Brand-Safe Advertising Gets a Boost with Seekr

Companies can now prevent brand-damaging content from appearing next to their online ads by leveraging the Seekr Score, a content evaluation scoring algorithm

Seekr, an internet technology company that offers information discovery and content evaluation, and Freestar, a leading monetization partner for publishers, e-commerce sites and app developers, today announced a partnership to monetize search on Seekr that will offer online advertisers the opportunity to target high-quality, brand-safe content. Powered by AI, Seekr offers the first search engine that reimagines what web results can look like when bias and misinformation are removed.

Seekr will offer brand-safe targeting capabilities using the Seekr Score, a set of proprietary algorithms that incorporate machine learning to sift through daily news stories and offer a score that reflects the reliability and credibility of every article. The inclusion of the Seekr Score will allow brands to target advertisements based on an article’s reliability and will bolster confidence for brands concerned with having their ads appear next to poor quality, unreliable, or potentially brand-damaging content.

Programmatically sold advertising was worth $418 billion in 2021, and is expected to reach $725 billion by 2026. According to an October 2022 report on the role that some ad tech vendors play in funding disinformation, the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) continues to observe high-profile brands funding sources of disinformation via online advertising — often without the brand’s knowledge of where their ads are being placed. Ad placements such as these increase the risk of damage to brands’ reputations and undermine the public stances taken by many brands against hateful attitudes and beliefs.

“Billions of dollars of advertising are lost every year funding websites that cannot identify misinformation,” said Seekr CEO and founder Pat Condo. “Brands benefit when their ads appear alongside reliable news sources. Our use of the Seekr Score in partnership with Freestar will ensure that people have the ability to view high-quality content and related advertising. The Seekr Score will become critical to bolstering brand safety.”

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