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Braze launches a new suite of productivity features

New and enhanced products can help marketers drive efficiency by boosting team collaboration and creativity to increase ROI

Braze (Nasdaq: BRZE), the comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers interactions between consumers and the brands they love, today announced the launch of a new suite of productivity features designed to enable marketers to quickly unlock greater efficiency at scale with fewer resources. New features and product enhancements will allow brands to sync audiences across additional social and online advertising platforms, easily customize messages across channels, streamline review and approval processes, and engage with consumers in more personalized ways that can drive stronger campaign performance in less time and at lower cost.

“Marketing professionals are facing a dynamic environment with increasing customer acquisition costs, a shifting data ecosystem, and leaps in technology due to Artificial Intelligence,” said Kevin Wang, Chief Product Officer for Braze. “Marketers need solutions that allow them to experiment faster to optimize how they reach, engage, and convert customers across owned and paid channels in order to drive business outcomes. These productivity features supercharge Braze, enabling brands to more easily create seamless and personalized experiences that customers expect across channels.”

New Braze Audience Sync Partners Enable Brands to Drive Revenue on New Channels
Braze Audience Sync allows marketing teams to reduce paid media waste and enhance their advertising ROI by dynamically including or excluding audiences from paid ad campaigns. With immediate access to three new Braze Audience Sync partners – TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest – brands can target customers with relevant ads and suppress ads once a customer converts, broadening their reach and ultimately leading to higher conversions and greater ROI.

“Now more than ever, team collaboration is necessary to achieve our goals. Using Braze, our teams have been able to work more efficiently and collaboratively, ensuring we can deliver on our objectives with greater speed and agility,” said Ivy Wu, Vice President of Global Growth for ClassPass. “Specifically leveraging Braze Audience Sync, we’ve saved about two hours per month per channel just through automation. These new features will enable us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the results we need to drive greater ROI and customer engagement.”

Brands Can Deliver Enhanced Customer Value and Achieve Stronger Results
New productivity features in Braze will help marketers tackle their most pressing challenges today. Updates include:

  • Engage customers with the right message on the right channels: As 99% of surveyed marketers plan to shift their strategies in 2023, customer retention is becoming an ever greater focus. New Braze features will enable marketing teams to focus on driving retention strategies at scale. Reaching customers via their preferred communications and channels is easy with new out-of-the-box subscription management tools. Using the Drag & Drop Email Preference Center, email marketers can create custom Preference Centers to help customers manage their email communication preferences. For SMS marketers, Braze plans to streamline the SMS Double Opt-In process to help teams build an engaged list of SMS subscribers and follow compliance best practices with an automatically orchestrated workflow.
  • Amplify reach on mobile channels: Braze makes it easier for marketers to engage their customers with Live Activities, a new iOS feature that displays persistent, real-time updates on the iPhone Lock Screen, by managing the Live Activity lifecycle and push tokens. For brands in the Asia-Pacific region that struggle with low push delivery rates on certain Android devices, Braze intends to release a new Push Max feature that leverages Braze’s existing intelligence features to determine the optimal timing to send a push notification and retries failed push notifications to enable push campaigns to reach their full potential. Braze plans to help mobile marketers reach their audience accurately and efficiently with a quick push composer that unifies message composition for both iOS and Android campaigns.

Marketers Can Experiment and Innovate Faster
New easy-to-use tools in Braze will empower marketers to experiment and innovate their campaigns more easily and faster than ever, such as:

  • Accelerate campaign creation: Create campaigns faster with drag-and-drop in-app message templates to help marketers easily design in-app messages without technical resources. Once available, Marketers will be able to copy email campaigns across workspaces reducing the time needed to create and quality-check campaigns.
  • Make team collaboration a breeze: Braze offers new tools for team collaboration, testing and approvals in Canvas Flow. Marketing teams can view and access previous iterations of Canvas journeys and their associated analytics with versioning capabilities improving team collaboration and facilitating easier experimentation. Marketers can also use the new “Save as Draft” feature to save Canvas journeys between versions and collaborate with coworkers by adding comments for faster QA and safer launches. A new Canvas approval workflow streamlines the review process before a Canvas is launched to reduce risk and time spent testing, resulting in more efficient and collaborative customer journey creation.
  • Create campaigns more easily with new UI: Braze unveils a refreshed, intuitive, and easy-to-use UI that prioritizes discoverability and helps marketers find exactly what they need when they need it. By consolidating end-to-end customer engagement into a single, user-friendly solution, Braze eliminates redundancy in the marketing tech stack and reduces the need for point solutions.

For more information about the Productivity features in Braze, please visit here.

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