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BrightTALK Improves Webinar Registrations with FastReg Technology

FastReg combines a new and improved form and advanced auto-complete technology to increase webinar attendance by up to 300%

TechTarget, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTGT), the global leader in B2B technology purchase intent data and services today announced the release of a new registration experience for its webinar and audience engagement solution; BrightTALK. This new experience, known as FastReg, provides B2B marketing teams with two unique tactics that increase sign-ups with their webinars across both net-new contacts, and their own email database. Using real-time data lookups and smart URL tokens, marketers hosting their webinars on BrightTALK are now able to streamline the essential – but often lengthy and inefficient – registration process to make it significantly easier and faster, with many already seeing a 300% improvement over their existing webinar promotion methods.

BrightTALK by TechTarget is both the largest B2B audience network and the leading solution for B2B video and webinar demand generation today; providing marketers a toolkit to create and host webinars and videos on their own websites using native embed and channel technology, then directly connect to an audience of 30 million professionals through built-in AI recommendations and paid lead campaigns. Now FastReg improves the user experience and makes it easy for audiences to register for webinars and videos by introducing a new form that only asks for minimal information, while still capturing the key datapoints that B2B marketers need to pass to their sales teams. Additionally, marketers who use Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot and Eloqua for email can take advantage of FastPass – letting contacts already in their database skip the form entirely and register in a single click.

“Generating registrations has always been one the most challenging parts of B2B marketing. Reg forms already ask a lot of busy audiences and are required even for contacts that marketing and sales teams have been speaking to for a long time,” said Andrew Briney, Chief Product Officer, TechTarget. “FastReg provides the opportunity for marketers to immediately see greater returns from their outreach efforts, especially those from hard-to-convert places like social and paid ad channels, and uniquely let their existing contacts watch the content they want without all the unnecessary steps to complete.”

B2B marketing teams are continually being asked to achieve much higher lead volumes and better data quality with ever more limited resources as the economic climate continues to influence resourcing and budgets. Every email must maximize impact to justify its place in the promotional calendar. Existing registration tech makes this process inefficient with long forms and outdated integrations; combining with low-quality 3rd party paid data to make marketers’ lives significantly harder. BrightTALK by TechTarget facilitates access to the largest and most engaged opt-in 1st party audience of enterprise B2B professionals. Our new launch of FastReg allows every promotion to provide optimal returns, which enables enterprise B2B marketers to send fewer emails to drive better engagement over time, resulting in deeper buying team insights.

FastReg features:

  • A new and improved registration form that uses real-time data lookups to find the most up-to-date information on potential audiences, significantly reducing the inputs required to complete the form.
  • The FastPass auto-complete technology that uses CRM data to register contacts in a single click through a secure token in the registration URL.
  • Simple one-click FastPass token generation and MAP integration through BrightTALK Central

FastReg is unique in the market because it is backed by BrightTALK by TechTarget’s 20+ year history in advanced webinar registration and direct marketing integration. Marketers using BrightTALK have already seen significant positive impact on their webinar registration. In a recent early-access test, those using the new FastReg technology saw:

  • An increase of 300% in their registrations using FastReg vs their usual promotions
  • A form completion rate range across promotions of 12-43% (the industry average is between 2-11%)
  • A decrease in emails sent to achieve registrations of up to 10x

To learn more about FastReg, click here.

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