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BroadPeak Partners Launches K3 API Connector Without Code

New K3 integration and ETL to connect APIs seamlessly

BroadPeak Partners, developer of K3 software that takes data from anywhere, allows users to transform, filter, and unify through an intuitive user interface, and send it anywhere, today announced the availability of the new K3 API Connector that enables business users to quickly connect to APIs.

K3 is a low-code integration and ETL platform. K3 enables companies to very quickly get data from multiple sources and stream it in real time to downstream data stores. Users are able to get data how they want it, where they want it without overtaxing their IT departments.

“Enterprises require a quick solution for data management, and K3 was developed to provide a low-code integration and transformation to increase the velocity of data,” stated Gordon Allott, President and CEO of BroadPeak Partners. “Our new K3 integration to connect APIs seamlessly without code will allow non-developers to align data from any upstream data source successfully.”

Large enterprises have over 600 core business applications, and data integration is a priority. But there are never enough developers. K3 API Connector features a simple user interface that allows a user to simply paste a cURL and connect. These are usually found in the API documentation. The new K3 connector makes establishing and maintaining reliable API connectivity easy.

K3 API Connectors are now available, for more information visit https://getk3.com/k3s-enterprise-api/.

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