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Bublar Group Develops Next Generation Sales Support

sales and marketing support

Bublar’s subsidiary Vobling, has received an order to develop a sales and marketing support to Kalmar’s (Cargotec Sweden AB) products in the forklifts segment. Through the visualization technology, it is possible to show the functionality of forklift trucks without relying on the physical product.

Through AR technology, the product can easily be brought to the customer for demonstration instead of the customer coming to a physical location. Digitalization and visualization adds value and simplifies the information in customer meetings. In the future, it will be possible to expand the number of product categories but also to add several functions.

“The AR technology helps the customer gain a better understanding of the product and is an important part of the continuous development of our processes in sales and communication. We see great potential in this application and look forward to continue the good cooperation with Vobling”, says Alexander Engsund, Digital Business Developer at Kalmar.

“We are glad that Kalmar shows continued confidence in us. I think it’s amazing that the sales force can soon visualize a complex and, to say the least, bulky product with a mobile device. The mobile AR technology for visualization and sales support is an interesting application of our offering that has great potential to be scaled up”, says Maria Grimaldi. CEO at Bublar Group.

Kalmar, (Cargotec Sweden) part of Cargotec, provides solutions and services for cargo handling in ports, terminals, distribution centers and heavy industries. Kalmar is a leader in terminal automation and energy efficient container management. Every forth container operation in the world is handled by a “kalmar solution”. At year-end 2018, Kalmar had more than 5 700 employees in 30 countries. Cargotec is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and sales amounted to approximately EUR 3.3 billion in 2018.

Bublar’s subsidiary Vobling develops AR/VR solutions in education, transport and industrial applications for companies such as; Saab, Electrolux, SJ and Tobii, among others. Read more at

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