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Business intelligence platform SPEEDA expands in ASEAN.

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Uzabase, Inc is pleased to announce that its business intelligence platform SPEEDA is officially launching its “Flash Opinion” and “Expert Interview” services in ASEAN.

Provided as part of the SPEEDA Expert Research suite of services, “Flash Opinion” allows users to submit questions to and receive responses from experts within 24 hours, while “Expert Interview” allows users to arrange and conduct interviews with experts. SPEEDA Expert Research was first launched in the Japanese market in September 2020 as a new feature on the SPEEDA platform alongside the existing information on companies, industries, news, and trends.

Since launching SPEEDA Expert Research, the platform has partnered with a large number of experts residing outside of Japan. There are currently 10,000 experts registered in Japan, 30,000 registered outside of Japan, and around 200,000 experts in our global alliance network.

This growth has allowed SPEEDA to build up a worldwide network of experts who are ready to provide answers on a wide range of topics involving many countries around the world. As a result, we have decided to launch these services aimed at Japanese and local companies in the ASEAN region, where we are seeing strong demand for expert services. The number of countries where the service is available will be gradually expanded, starting with Singapore and Thailand.

Message from Yasunori Naito, Executive Officer at Uzabase and CEO of SPEEDA’s ASEAN Business
The release of the expert services “Flash Opinion” and “Expert Interview” for our users in the ASEAN region will provide them with access to an extensive network of industry, geopolitical, and technology experts, offering further value in addition to the comprehensive company, industry, and news information at the core of the SPEEDA platform. Apart from using the SPEEDA platform as a tool for gathering and organising information for further analysis, users will now also be able to submit questions to experts and arrange direct interviews with them, which should provide a variety of perspectives for deeper analysis and future strategy formulation.

In Southeast and South Asia, where structured information remains a rarer commodity in comparison to more economically developed regions, gathering data from primary sources is a crucial task. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely hindered the ability of people to form relationships face-to-face, which has made the gathering of such first-hand information considerably more difficult.

Many of our users have expressed a need for support during the primary information gathering process, and with the release of these expert services, SPEEDA will aim to deliver that value to them. Going forward, SPEEDA aims to continue expanding its network of experts as we seek to create a one-stop platform that can assist our users not only in the process of gathering and analysis of business information, but also for the formulation of future strategies.

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