Buzz Dealer Expands Operation; Opens New Cyprus Office in Limassol

Buzz Dealer

Global digital PR firm Buzz Dealer, which specializes in online reputation management (ORM) and search engine optimization (SEO) services, has recently announced the opening of its new office in Limassol, Cyprus, as part of its global outreach expansion program. The new office will serve as an additional, European headquarters of the company, and it will work side by side with the office in Tel Aviv, Israel, as well as other branches around the world. The Cyprus office will serve as a sales/customer services office in Europe, but will also serve clients outside the continent.

“Today marks another important milestone in our process of development, as a leading company in the sector of digital marketing,” commented Uri Samet, CEO of Buzz Dealer, who has personally relocated to the new office. “We chose Cyprus because it is a homebase to many companies in the fintech sector, with which we work closely and from which many of our clients stem.”

The Cyprus office has gradually started operating since the beginning of January, 2023, but will be fully functional by March of this year.

The digital PR of tomorrow

As part of the move, a portion of Buzz Dealer’s staff – including the CEO, as mentioned – has and will relocate to Limassol, alongside drafting more skilled talents to join the team. With decades of accumulated experience amongst the CEO and his team in ORM, SEO, performance marketing and other digital marketing venues, Buzz Dealer has already managed to base itself as a global authority. The firm puts an emphasis on services for the fintech industry, but also spans over other industries, including health, sports, tourism, lifestyle and others.

“With many of our valued clients based in Cyprus and operating from there, we see it as a strategic move to enhance client relationships and strengthen our ties with them,” added Samet, “alongside an opportunity to attract new ones. This is just one of the steps we are taking in our plan to grow and expand in the next few years, and we certainly do not plan to rest on our laurels. We plan to find ways to better our services even further, and reach new audiences which we haven’t had access to, till recently.”

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