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BuzzFeed Partners With WoodWing for Digital Asset Management

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BuzzFeed, the world’s leading tech-powered media company, has partnered with WoodWing for its Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, to create a repository for the millions of photos, illustrations and other digital assets that are owned by the company.

With BuzzFeed’s asset volume growing every day, the organization needed strong structural support and a fail-safe way to organize, manage, and share these valuable assets.

Working with WoodWing’s DAM will be a game-changer in a number of ways, and will allow BuzzFeed to:

  • Easily find and share assets throughout the global organization
  • Quickly tag all incoming content via AI
  • Build collections of assets related to a particular story
  • Assign permissions for who can and can’t see content
  • Manage rights for individual assets
  • Automatically create asset versions
  • Directly integrate with the Adobe Creative Suite

“We are delighted to work with BuzzFeed, a global leader in online news and entertainment. This really underscores our ability to help content creators in the digital space,” said Scott Smith, Managing Director of WoodWing USA. “We are excited to see how BuzzFeed works with our technology to increase productivity and international speed-to-market.”

“Whether for finding, posting, or sharing content, we needed a powerful solution to help us better manage our digital assets – all while tracking the legal restrictions in an editor-friendly way – and WoodWing fit the bill perfectly,” said Wajmah Yaqubi, Business Affairs Director, BuzzFeed. “We are looking forward to collaborating with WoodWing as we roll out the DAM solution globally over the next few months.”

The partnership with BuzzFeed follows WoodWing becoming a preferred partner of Apple for Apple News+ earlier this year. WoodWing supports over 100 titles globally on Apple News+.

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