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Byrna Technologies Launches on Ecommerce Leader Amazon

yrna's Brand New Byrna SD will be Offered Exclusively on Amazon
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Byrna Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: BYRN) (“Byrna” or “the Company”) today announced the launch of its products on the e-commerce platform, the largest e-commerce platform in the world, responsible for 54% of all online sales in the US. The Company launched on Amazon with the introduction of the new Byrna SD (Self Defense) personal security device, which will be offered exclusively on Amazon for the next two months. The Amazon launch is a major milestone for Byrna and represents an important first step in Byrna’s plan to expand from essentially a one product, one sales channel company to a multi-product, multi-channel company.  Click here for a link to Byrna’s SD Pepper Kit on Amazon, and here for a link to Byrna’s Kinetic Kit on Amazon

The Byrna SD, which is assembled in the US at Byrna’s recently renovated Ft. Wayne factory, features an improved trigger, enhanced sighting system and honeycomb grips. The MSRP for the Byrna SD is $399 versus $359 for the original Byrna HD. On Amazon, the Byrna SD is only offered as a bundle package including the standard “Ready Kit” (which comes with two CO2 canisters, two magazines and three 5-ct tubes of ammunition) along with an additional 50-ct package of kinetic rounds and an additional 5-ct box of CO2.  The purpose of offering the Byrna SD only as a bundle package is to ensure that our Amazon customers have enough rounds and CO2 to get comfortable firing the launcher. The “Byrna SD Bundle Package” is priced at $429.

“Selling through Amazon is transformative for our business and has been a goal of ours for quite some time. Not only is the expansion of our sales channels, both brick and mortar and digital, an important element of our growth strategy, but being on the most widely recognized e-commerce site should enhance Byrna’s brand awareness and recognition substantially,” stated Bryan Ganz, CEO of Byrna Technologies.

“We believe that making our products available for consumers to purchase on Amazon is a potential gamechanger for Byrna given the approximately 2.5 billion visitors worldwide that the platform gets each month. Given the importance of this launch, we thought it only fitting that we introduce our latest product (the Byrna SD) on our newest sales channel. We are proud to say that the Byrna SD is ‘Assembled in the USA,’ and we are working hard to find US sources for all the components used in the manufacture of the Byrna SD so that it ultimately can be ‘Made in the USA.’

“The improvements made to the Byrna SD, when taken together, result in a product that is even easier to operate than our current, extremely popular Byrna HD. Based on the popularity of the Byrna HD, of which we’ve sold more than 100,000 units over the past two years, we expect the SD to be an extremely sought after personal security device. While it is difficult to forecast what our sales through Amazon will be, other companies that sell products on the platform have generally found the split between their Amazon sales and sales on their own e-commerce sites to be approximately 50/50. We will have a much better forecast of what Byrna’s sales on Amazon will look like after a few months of experience on the platform. We look forward to reporting the results of this exciting new endeavor in the coming months,” concluded Mr. Ganz.

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