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Cacheflow Launches Easy Expansion and Renewals Product


Cacheflow, the leading platform for closing deals in the SaaS industry, today announced the launch of Cacheflow Expand and Renew. This innovative solution is designed to accelerate the rate at which SaaS companies can increase their share of their existing customers’ wallets. Even though ~30% of growth for best-in-class SaaS companies comes from existing customers, manual paperwork still dominates when it comes to sales and customer success teams working with customers on add-on acquisitions, upsells, cross-sells, and renewals.

Key features and benefits of Cacheflow Expand and Renew include:

  • The ability to prepare add-on or expansion proposals in just three clicks, eliminating the hassle of dealing with original contracts.
  • Co-term changes to minimize paperwork and reduce delays on the buyer’s side.
  • Advance notification systems for sellers and buyers to ensure proactive communication.
  • Fully automated renewal processes to eliminate friction.
  • Hassle-free operationalization of renewal pricing increases.

“SaaS businesses understand that closing a deal is just the beginning of their relationship with a customer. Yet, most sales and customer success teams find themselves wrestling with PDF contracts when it’s time for expansions and renewals,” said Sarika Garg, Cofounder and CEO of Cacheflow. “With Cacheflow, closing, expanding, and renewing contracts becomes seamless and automated, driving increased revenue for companies.”

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