Cadent and Catalina Expand Partnership

2022 Cadent-Catalina Campaigns Averaged 25% Sales Lift

Cadent, the largest independent platform for advanced TV advertising, and Catalina, a leader in shopper intelligence and highly targeted media, have signed a new multi-year agreement establishing Cadent as Catalina’s preferred platform for executing linear, addressable and connected TV (CTV) ad campaigns for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, and Catalina as Cadent’s preferred CPG data, audience, and measurement provider.

Cadent and Catalina will support shared and new customers through this expanded partnership as they grow their business through data-driven linear TV and CTV advertising, which continue to dramatically expand. Since first forming a strategic alliance in 2020 the partnership has experienced 900% year-over-year growth in a tight and increasingly complex market, as advertisers aim to deliver successful scale and reach. In 2022, partnership campaigns drove an average sales lift of 25 percent.

To do so, Catalina is leveraging Cadent’s expertise in TV advertising and Aperture Viewer Graph technology to help brand advertisers maximize their media budget and drive higher return on ad spend (ROAS). Meanwhile, Cadent is leveraging Catalina’s ability to target and measure CPG brand and category buyers to efficiently target households during the purchase cycle and suppress offers to shoppers who have already purchased during a campaign to improve the ROAS performance on reach and frequency of ads delivered to addressable TVs.

Additionally, the companies are providing brand marketers with Catalina’s Responsive Media solutions that re-engage shoppers who have seen a TV ad with an in-store or digital coupon to incentivize those who have not yet purchased the advertised product during the campaign flight window.

Cadent’s cross-screen TV advertising technology and Catalina’s deep consumer insights and purchase-based measurement capabilities can now provide CPG marketers with unique solutions and unmatched reach for their end-to-end brand campaigns. Cadent’s Aperture Viewer Graph covers nearly 100 million U.S. households and overlaps with Catalina household IDs in the US by nearly 95%.

“Cadent is thrilled that we continue to grow our partnership with Catalina to provide our CPG brand customers with best-in-class audience targeting and measurement solutions,” said Mari Tangredi, SVP, Audience Solutions at Cadent. “This partnership highlights the impactful work we can deliver by combining Catalina’s valuable consumer insights with Cadent’s Viewer Graph, end-to-end platform technology and TV advertising expertise, empowering marketers to activate strategic cross-screen campaigns more effectively and efficiently.”

Catalina was recently named a trusted measurement partner by NBC Universal in two categories, CPG Sales Lift Incrementality and Multi-Touch Attribution, after a year-long certification process. Catalina’s measurement pixel has also been certified across several streaming CTV platform providers, providing measurement results in near real time for shared Cadent customers.

Already, Cadent and Catalina have been jointly recognized as winners of the 2022 AdExchanger Award for the “Best Data-Driven TV Campaign.” The award-winning campaign was executed for shared client Applegate and delivered household-level, targeted CTV ads to 4.2MM existing and new buyers, optimizing for performance based on purchase behavior in real-time. The custom, sequential omnichannel campaign aimed to efficiently attract new Applegate triers to its diverse portfolio of natural and organic meats, re-engage lapsed buyers, and encourage cross-category purchases spanning the company’s growing family of brands.

“At Applegate, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with our consumers and deliver on our mission of Changing the Meat We Eat. Our partnership with Cadent and Catalina is a great example of thinking differently,” said Molly Scerra, Senior Brand Manager for Applegate. “By leveraging their data-driven TV advertising model and in-store Responsive Media, we delivered targeted and measurable campaigns that drove results, including a 25% in-store sales lift. We’re thrilled to have been a part of this award-winning campaign, and we look forward to continuing to work with Cadent and Catalina to innovate and elevate our marketing efforts.”

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Cadent to deliver unparalleled solutions for data-driven TV advertising,” said Brian Dunphy, SVP of Data Services & Strategic Partnerships at Catalina. “Our successful partnership has demonstrated the power of combining Cadent’s cross-screen TV advertising technology with Catalina’s deep consumer insights and purchase-based targeting, measurement, and attribution capabilities. Through this expanded partnership, we can help our shared customers demonstrably grow their business through data-driven CTV advertising, delivering proof of performance, near-real-time measurement, and efficiency.”

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