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Cadent announced the launch of Performance TV

Advertisers can now drive performance and optimize in real-time across the entire sales funnel

Cadent, the largest independent solutions provider for omnichannel video advertising, launched Performance TV. A new outcomes-based solution that combines the reach of traditional TV with the precise targeting and measurability of digital, Performance TV creates a direct link between advertising and sales.

Cadent Performance TV is the first solution to bridge TV and digital to deliver outcomes for clients. For advertisers, this means a holistic understanding of why and how omnichannel campaigns drive business – eliminating the tedious guesswork of stitching together reports from disparate digital, CTV, and linear TV sources to restore focus on optimization and “what comes next.”

Cadent Performance TV enabled Yamaha Motorsports to attribute their omnichannel advertising to in-store visits, driving conversions through their entire sales funnel:

“Purchasing a motorcycle is a unique experience, and a fulfilling one once accomplished. Since it requires specific efforts on behalf of the buyer, we connected with Cadent to align the campaign goals toward reaching in-market consumers, while efficiently driving qualified audiences to a ‘contact a dealership’ form on Yamaha’s website,” said Carlos Hernandez, VP of Communications Strategy at Generator Media + Analytics, media agency for Yamaha Motorsports. “Our digital campaign successfully drove an increase in conversion volume by 44% week over week, and by 48% after the 30-day post-campaign attribution window. Upon data collection, Cadent optimized the campaign in-flight and improved cost-per-conversion (CPC) efficiency by 80%.”

Cadent Performance TV is driven by three unique capabilities, all part of Aperture Platform:

The patented and privacy-forward Aperture Viewer Graph and Data Marketplace links linear TV households and anonymous device impressions with one of the largest selections of measurement providers. This means advertisers can capture exposure and outcome data across the entire sales funnel using their choice of linear or digital measurement provider. The solution is the first to connect national linear network and local broadcast media spend with CTV and digital media – across any supply source.

Real-time performance optimization technology leverages advanced machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously process data from attributed events such as website visitation or in-store sales. Aperture Platform facilitates in-flight adjustments based on performance goals like cost-per-action (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS). The automated workflow streamlines advertisers’ data flow, driving stronger campaign results. Advertisers can also process exposure and conversion data from Aperture Platform or third-party sources to link user actions with impressions and marketing efforts.

Further, with Performance TV, advertisers benefit from the cleanest supply path in the industry. Aperture MX, the SSP within Aperture Platform, includes premium digital and CTV inventory that is 100% verified by third parties not to include any MFA supply. This complements the scaled, direct relationships Cadent has built with linear publishers including MVPDs, national networks, and local broadcast stations. Since the digital and linear supply systems are directly connected to Viewer Graph and the Data Marketplace, advertisers benefit from virtually no loss of data fidelity throughout a campaign’s planning, optimization, and measurement – no matter the media type.

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