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Cadent Unveils Measurement Marketplace

Bringing precise targeting, cross-screen activation, and holistic measurement to TV ecosystem

Cadent, the largest independent platform for advanced TV advertising, announced today the launch of Aperture Platform’s Measurement Marketplace, a turnkey measurement data and partner management solution for advertisers. Measurement Marketplace enables advertisers to browse Cadent’s catalog of best-in-breed partners with a comprehensive list of available measurement report types, easily manage campaign exposure data and securely distribute it to partners, and leverage any of Cadent’s pre-integrated measurement partners, or bring existing partnerships into Aperture.

Measurement Marketplace builds on Cadent’s robust offering of data enablement and onboarding tools, Audience Studio. Within Audience Studio, Cadent customers will find the Audience Data Marketplace, which provides unparalleled access to the industry’s most premium audience segments, and Clean Room integrations.

Since Q1 of 2022, Cadent has added more than 20 audience data partners and 10 measurement partners, bringing Aperture Platform’s full ecosystem to 65 integrated deployment partners, and growing. Additionally, over the last 12 months, the total number of audiences created in Aperture has scaled 74% year over year, with more than 34,000 unique segments being activated through the platform.

Cadent is pleased to launch Aperture Measurement Marketplace with the support of world-class measurement providers:

S&P Global Mobility is a leading provider of automotive intelligence to businesses throughout the automotive industry. “Through our Polk Automotive Solutions portfolio, we are excited to bring our closed-loop measurement against vehicle sales to our shared audiences,” said Joe Kyriakoza, Vice President and General Manager, Polk Automotive Solutions, S&P Global Mobility. “Cadent Aperture Platform combined with our Polk Signals measurement solution will enable marketers to clearly demonstrate proof of performance across CTV and data-driven linear TV through a seamless end-to-end workflow.”

Affinity Solutions is the leading consumer purchase insights company providing real-time access to consumer spending at scale. “We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Cadent to introduce the combination of purchase-based audiences and sales impact studies to our collective client base,” said Damian Garbaccio, Chief Business & Marketing Officer, Affinity Solutions. “Cadent Aperture Platform united with Affinity Solutions’ Consumer Purchase Lift measurement will empower marketers to measure media with complete confidence by linking campaigns to the ultimate outcome: consumer purchase.”

Underpinning all of Aperture Platform is Viewer Graph, the foundational technology for unifying audiences across the TV ecosystem, which leverages a single identity spine to connect first- and third-party data in one place. By layering these audiences with Cadent’s proprietary IP-to-Household mapping, customers minimize hops between planning, targeting, activation, and measurement, helping preserve data resolution and improve the accuracy of reporting. The combined solution empowers advertisers to precisely target their specific high-value audiences, activate across advanced TV media, and measure results in terms of strategic business outcomes in one platform.

Tony Yi, EVP, Business Development and GM, Platform Direct remarked, “Advertisers are expecting proof of performance from all their media investments – TV is no different. For the TV industry to continue to thrive, we need to embrace solutions that allow for more precise targeting, cross-screen activation, and holistic measurement. Cadent Aperture Platform addresses the need for new measurement currencies and simplified workflows, bringing together the leading audience and measurement providers, as well as the tools they need to activate data across linear and advanced TV, within a unified platform.”

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