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Calix Marketing Cloud Launches in the U.K.

Calix Marketing Cloud launches in the United Kingdom to give altnets valuable subscriber experience insights to inform highly effective marketing campaigns that drive the adoption of new service levels and crucial managed services like home network security

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced that, after six years of driving market-winning success in North America, Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud) is expanding into the United Kingdom (U.K.). Now alternative service provider (altnet) marketers can launch highly effective campaigns to introduce new managed services that improve the subscriber experience. Exceptional subscriber experiences layered on top of Wi-Fi offerings enable altnets to launch new revenue streams and differentiate in increasingly crowded broadband markets. As the U.K. independent broadband market continues to grow and mature after doubling in size from 2021 to 2022, speed alone is no longer enough to win subscribers. Calix launched Calix Revenue EDGE™ in the U.K. at the 2022 Connected Britain conference so altnets can easily deliver managed services like ProtectIQ® home network security and ExperienceIQ® advanced parental controls to residential subscribers. Now altnets can leverage subscriber experience insights in Marketing Cloud to reach the right subscribers with tailored communications about new service levels and managed services. Marketing Cloud also helps altnets meet local data privacy requirements and stay compliant. In North America, broadband service providers (BSPs) of all sizes have leveraged Marketing Cloud to build marketing campaigns that dramatically increase subscriber engagement of new managed services and drive double-digit revenue growth.

With the launch of Marketing Cloud in the U.K, altnet marketers can now:

  • Win more subscribers and generate higher revenue in competitive markets. Marketing Cloud enables even the smallest teams to run tailored campaigns that make a significant impact on their subscribers’ experiences. In the United States (U.S.), BSPs like Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (PTCI) recently used Marketing Cloud to build marketing campaigns that engage subscribers in service upgrade options. Through increased subscriber engagement, the PTCI marketing team contributed to a 25 percent increase in average revenue per user (ARPU) in one month.
  • Bolster subscriber acquisition with omnichannel campaigns that get higher engagement. By integrating with leading global platforms like Facebook, Marketing Cloud enables altnet marketers to successfully segment, target, execute, and measure omnichannel marketing campaign performance. In the U.S., Nex-Tech ran an acquisition campaign that used Facebook to reach potential high-value subscribers with profiles that match their current high-value subscribers. As a result, the cooperative achieved a 375 percent higher click-through rate on the ads, while decreasing their cost per click by 66 percent. Nex-Tech’s Facebook campaign proved critical to the success of its subscriber acquisition strategy.
  • Amplify an evolved value proposition—based on services, not speed—with targeted marketing campaigns. U.S.-based Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies (OTTC) differentiated in a competitive market by rolling out managed services, ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ, through their custom-branded Calix CommandIQ® mobile app. With the help of Marketing Cloud, OTTC built a campaign that encouraged 98 percent more subscribers (in less than a year) to use their mobile app. Now through the app, OTTC has a direct channel of communication with its subscribers to continue launching new managed services and opening new revenue streams. By differentiating with managed services, OTTC increased annual revenue by 25 percent.

Altnets using Marketing Cloud will also get access to the Calix Market Activation program, which enables even the smallest team to easily launch world-class marketing campaigns. This program includes the Electronic Content Builder (ECB), which allows teams to create agency-quality marketing assets that altnets can quickly customise and personalise with their brands. These sophisticated, out-of-the-box assets support and accelerate the launch of new managed services. With this market activation support, U.K. altnets can unveil new subscriber experiences and open new revenue streams in weeks instead of months.

“Altnets across the U.K. have a significant opportunity right now,” said Matt Collins, chief commercial operations officer at Calix. “With the right innovation, they can excite their subscribers while growing value for their business and the communities they serve. By launching new managed services on the Calix platform, U.K. altnets can seamlessly roll out home network security or advanced parental controls, delivering differentiated value that generates higher subscriber loyalty. At the same time, Marketing Cloud raises the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns to promote these services. We’re excited to bring these opportunities to the U.K. to simplify world-class marketing and fuel record-breaking growth for altnets.”

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