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CallRail + MS Teams integrate to improve lead management process

CallRail customers who use Microsoft Teams can now customize alerts for incoming leads, reply to SMS texts without leaving their workspace, and more

Today, CallRail, the lead intelligence platform that helps businesses market with confidence, launched a conversion-boosting integration with the Microsoft Teams communications platform. Now, CallRail alerts for incoming calls, texts, or form submissions can appear within the Microsoft Teams workspace, without switching apps. Customizing and filtering notifications ensures high-value and time-sensitive leads get the immediate attention they require.

As businesses spend precious marketing dollars and time to drive quality prospects, accelerating speed to lead responses is crucial: 78% of customers buy from the first business that replies. The new Microsoft Teams integration immediately alerts teams when high value leads reach out, enabling rapid response and greater likelihood of conversion to customer.

Integration features include:

  • Automatic notifications of new calls, texts, or form submissions so fewer leads are missed.
  • Notifications teams can match to marketing campaigns so they know the source of every lead before they talk to them.
  • Ability to reply to SMS texts directly within Microsoft Teams so businesses can quickly respond to leads without switching between platforms.
  • Delivery of daily or weekly performance summaries so managers and business owners can see trends at-a-glance within Microsoft Teams (like changes in call volume and missed calls) and identify opportunities for coaching or training.

“Businesses have multiple priorities competing for their time and attention. By immediately knowing when a lead contacts their business and how often they miss calls, they’re able to expedite lead response for better conversion rates. CallRail’s Microsoft Teams integration is the latest addition to our ecosystem that not only helps businesses quickly and effectively communicate with leads, but eliminates the need to switch between Microsoft Teams and CallRail to gather relevant information,” said Laura Lawrie, Principal Product Manager, Integrations at CallRail.

Marketers and frontline managers rely on CallRail to attribute calls, texts, chats, and form submissions to the campaigns that drove them and trust industry-leading AI tools to surface insights from the communications. The Microsoft Teams integration delivers access to the intelligence they need where and when it’s most relevant.

CallRail previously launched a similar integration with Slack, another workforce collaboration platform that sends customers automatic lead notifications and access to daily performance summaries within the workspace. Today, nearly 2,000 customers rely on it for reports and insights into lead activity, including total calls and missed calls in a day.

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