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CallTrackingMetrics Announces New Agent Mobile App

New functionality empowers call center agents to make the most out of every conversation through added real-time context and valuable insights
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CallTrackingMetrics, the only digital platform that uses call tracking intelligence to inform contact center automation, today announced new functionality for call center agents through a mobile app. From small teams fielding the occasional prospect call to large call centers with complex queues and outbound campaigns, the CallTrackingMetrics Agent App is designed to make conversations easier away from the office.

While working remotely continues to grow in popularity, the decision to allow teams to work from home has presented more challenges. New communications apps make it easier for employees to do their jobs from the comfort of their own homes as well as have increased retention. In fact, the retention rate for call center staff working from home is 80% versus 25% for in-house.

The CallTrackingMetrics Agent App allows agents to manage the inbound phone calls coming from all advertising channels. The app will also allow agents to make outbound calls, receive push notifications for incoming live chats, return a call or text message, and take notes or read from a script while on a live call, all within the app.

“At CallTrackingMetrics, we are continuing to evolve to meet customer demand. Whether you have call center agents now working from home or sales representatives answering calls on the go, the Agent App empowers agents to provide outstanding customer service from anywhere in the world,” said Todd Fisher, CEO and co-founder of CallTrackingMetrics. “Ultimately, the goal of the Agent App is to drive a deeper level of engagement and increase customer loyalty.”

In addition to expanding its technology, CallTrackingMetrics also welcomes new hire Josh Sharpe, as VP of Engineering. In his new role, Josh is responsible for supporting and growing the CTM engineering team as they work to build the CTM of tomorrow. Josh has a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, with past roles including VP of Engineering at MotoRefi and Engineering Manager at Groupon.

“Josh will be a pivotal member of the CallTrackingMetrics team, overseeing the consistency of user experiences and the launch of the mobile app,” said Fisher. “His extensive experience in the marketing and advertising space will help shape our ongoing strategic direction and growth as the industry continues to evolve.”

The new iOS app is currently available to all CallTrackingMetrics customers, soon to be available via the Android app. For more information on CallTrackingMetrics’s agent mobile application and overall product suite, please visit

This announcement comes on the heels of CallTrackingMetrics expansion of its customer support team as well as the integrations of Drift, Snapchat and

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