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CapabilitySource & Welcome Partner for Enhanced Content Marketing

New partnership strengthens the commitment to meet the unique needs of all marketing teams

A new partnership between CapabilitySource and Welcome has created new opportunities to provide marketers with world-class work management, native in-app content creation, SEO optimization, metadata tracking, content analytics and marketing innovation capabilities. Now marketers can optimize marketing operations in a way not possible before.

Previously known as NewsCred, Welcome recently rebranded to expand beyond a content marketing platform in order to meet the needs of a broader marketing audience. This resulted in a desire for new strategic partnerships to meet the needs of a growing customer base.

“After our rebrand as Welcome, we knew that strong consulting partners with the depth of experience in marketing were needed to get the customer from the crawl phase to the run phase,” Welcome Vice President of Partnerships Deven Ravel said.

Welcome was seeking a strategic partner to provide expert product guidance based upon deep knowledge and experience. They found that partner in CapabilitySource who has a proven track record of outcome-based digital transformations that are designed to increase efficiency with seamless integration across the modern marketing landscape.

“With partners like CapabilitySource, we can help marketers not only increase their efficiency but understand their efficacy. We can help them build confidence in the content they’re building whether it’s a blog or a T.V. commercial and assist them by providing predictions on downstream sales. Welcome software solutions combined with CapabilitySource’s digital transformation expertise is in a unique position to bridge the gap between bottoms-up budgeting, content production and measurement,” Ravel said.

CapabilitySource strives to deliver both effectiveness and efficiency with custom digital transformation solutions to clients across the industry. A strategic partnership with Welcome advances their capability to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to unique needs of a wider audience.

“Welcome provides next generation software with the ability to create and manage content accompanied by in-line work management, budget and performance management. Welcome empowers marketers with the ability to utilize analytics to gauge the predictive effectiveness of digital content pre-distribution and measure performance post-distribution. Welcome offers its customers the opportunity to better meet the needs of their business and achieve optimal outcomes,” CapabilitySource Chief Operating Officer, Juan Antonio said.

CapabilitySource uses Welcome to simplify prioritization, bottoms-up budgeting, tactical planning, asset management, publishing and measurement of marketing content and campaigns. A feature-rich visual interface, calendars, dashboards and reports provides an intuitive user experience for managing your work. Welcome provides an extensive library of application connectors and an Open API to leverage integrated digital marketing solutions for your business. Built-in campaign and keyword search analytics provide critical information necessary for continual improvement and content effectiveness. Welcome is a premier technology solution that accelerates content creation while maintaining alignment with a customer’s brand and strategic business objectives.

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