Captiv8 announced the launch of Branded Storefronts


Captiv8, the #1 influencer marketing platform for enterprise brands, is excited to announce the launch of Branded Storefronts, the latest offering across its lower funnel influencer marketing capabilities and advanced measurement suite, benefiting brands, creators, and consumers.

Captiv8’s Branded Storefronts harnesses the power of creator storytelling and personalized product curation to deliver a distraction-free social commerce experience outside the constraints of social networks.

Having the brand at the center allows for the most immersive shopping experience, which boosts linger rates, drives new product discoverability, increases brand loyalty, and grows incremental sales.

“Branded Storefronts offer marketers an elevated solution to scale social commerce in the creator economy. [Branded] Storefronts meet the growing demand for a more curated, relevant, and seamless online shopping experience that connects influencers, brands, and consumers ,” said Krishna Subramanian, Captiv8 CEO and co-founder. “Captiv8 believes in customer centricity – building the future of influencer marketing with the customer in mind, every step of the way.”

In lieu of generating dozens of duplicative affiliate links for each platform, creators can now maintain a single storefront that enables all their social content to be shoppable.

In a recent analysis of over 21,000 affiliate creators, Captiv8 found that creators were over 2.5x more likely to prefer storefronts over one-off affiliate links to drive earning potential.

Captiv8 Branded Storefronts is the first brand-led storefront solution that provides brands with a customizable whitelabel solution to create an aggregated collection of creator storefronts that can be promoted across multiple online destinations. Storefront solutions paired with Captiv8’s measurement and affiliate offerings allow brands to track, analyze, and optimize the entire shopper experience in real-time, and to leverage  revenue-based purchase data to drive actionable insights for influencer and affiliate marketing programs.

Consumers enjoy a relevant shopping experience, curated by influencers they trust, emulate, and love. It’s no surprise that creators drive 230% higher average order value in affiliate campaigns, demonstrating the true buying influence of creators.

“Our timing for the launch of our Branded Storefronts is ideal, given the recent prevalence of social commerce and the overwhelming empirical data we’re seeing around the lift driven by personalized creator recommendations for new product discovery, basket building, and consumer purchasing decisions,” notes Theja Suresh, Captiv8’s Chief Product Officer.

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