Captiv8 Named Best Influencer Marketing Platform

The company has grown its customer base by more than 300% in the past 12 months to help earn its title as best in the industry
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As a result of Captiv8’s consistent growth and continued commitment to advancing its data science technology, the company earned gold and the number one spot for Best Influencer Marketing Platform at this years’ Influencer Marketing Awards, hosted by Talking Influence.

“Marketers are struggling to easily and efficiently create, scale and drive increased performance on influencer marketing campaigns within a single platform,” said Krishna Subramanian, CEO and Co-Founder, Captiv8. “Brands are still relying on a multitude of tools and systems that don’t ‘talk’ to each other, making it very easy for campaign blind spots and misspent dollars to go unnoticed until it’s too late. At Captiv8, we’re dedicated to building the most unified influencer solution available in the industry, with customizable experiences for each marketer. This latest award recognition is a huge testament to the constant innovative hard work of our incredible team.”

Captiv8’s Content Boosting Suite was also awarded silver for Best Influencer Marketing Technology. Through its industry leading partnerships and integrations, Captiv8’s Content Boosting Suite immediately became an industry-first solution in part, due to its status as the first TikTok Creator Marketing Partner to support TikTok Spark Ads, allowing users to create and publish paid TikTok ad campaigns directly within the tool. It is also the first boosting solution to offer A/B testing across top platforms, guaranteeing increased performance on influencer marketing campaigns.

The industry expert judges of this years’ awards were looking for end-to-end influencer marketing platforms and technology that helped supercharge a brands influencer marketing strategy and execution while providing a competitive advantage for its customers or allow them to do business in a smarter way.

Captiv8’s unified platform approach is focused on removing siloed influencer data from brand campaigns, performance campaigns and paid media to better predict which influencers and content are going to perform the best for a marketer. The full suite includes extended capabilities such as paid social boosting, commerce/Shopify integrations, creator payments and social listening. These features are in addition to the core platform: discovery, campaign management, reporting and measurement. Now, marketers are able to access all the information and tools they need within a single platform, effectively, saving time and money spent on extra resources. As a result of these product advancements, in 2021, Captiv8’s platform powered an increase of 125% in more campaigns launched for its brands and 177% increase in creators activated per campaign. The company’s customer base also grew by more than 300% while its total employee headcount increased by 80% of which 68% are female.

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