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Carambola launches Cutting-Edge Advertising Features


Carambola, a trailblazer in online advertising, announces innovative product features that will reshape the landscape of digital advertising. The new features promise to deepen the customer experience, allowing meaningful brand-consumer connection, boosting user engagement, and ultimately driving revenue for publishing websites implementing its technology.

Since 2011, Carambola has continuously revolutionized the digital advertising landscape by delivering highly contextualized advertising, relevant content tailored to the users’ interests and currents browsing context without being invasive. Their specialized creative team goes beyond the traditional advertising norms by crafting visually stunning and interactive advertising. Blending in related quizzes, polls, trivia games and more with organic content actively engaging the audience with the ads.

For over a decade, Carambola has earned the trust of a vast network of publishers, and cultivated strong partnerships with various backgrounds, ranging from popular websites to influential content creators. This extensive network has allowed Carambola to expand its reach across numerous online platforms, enabling advertisers to connect with both niche audiences and mass markets alike.

In 2022, Carambola joined forces with FireArc, a leading technological powerhouse, to supercharge Carambola’s distribution, technological capabilities, and resources. This strategic acquisition, fueled by a shared vision of pushing technological boundaries, has armed Carambola with the resources and expertise needed to expand its global reach and accelerate the development of cutting-edge advertising solutions.

In the company’s unwavering commitment to forging the digital ad landscape, Carambola is breaking new ground in contextual advertising with the introduction of Contextual Social Units. The innovative AI-driven mechanisms curates’ articles according to the page’s main topic, by scanning a variety of social media networks, including Instagram, TikTok, X, Pinterest and more, and selecting the most relevant posts and user-generated content and seamlessly embedding into the article. By incorporating Contextual Social Ad Units, Carambola enriches existing articles with additional desirable content at an unprecedented level of accuracy and relevance. This enhanced user experience captivated audiences and fosters deeper connections between brands and consumers.

Eitan Babay, the managing director of Carambola, explains, “The competition for user’s attention is growing everyday. Creating an environment that is more relevant and engaging can significantly contribute to the user experience. While many non-relevant ads can be disruptive and cause the opposite effect, our contextual intelligence bridges this gap and delivers additional engaging content to the publisher and in turn provides a more attentive audience for our advertisers.”

Initial research shows how impressive impact of Carambola’s AI-driven advancements are on two crucial key performance indicators (KPIs) in online advertising: Average Session Duration and Average Pages Viewed per Session. Both KPIs have surged by 34% and 29%, respectively, reflecting the tangible effects of employing these advertising elements. Thanks to these units, Carambola has created a unique platform for advertisers to showcase their ads on premium digital real-estate to ensure visibility and overcome “banner blindness” by the users.

Carambola has always smoothly integrated advertisements into the audience’s feed, ensuring a non-intrusive and relevant experience, effortlessly captivate the audience’s attention with content that resonates to them and promotes interaction. They have consistently redefined the art of contextual advertising by continually adapting with evolving technology. With the release of the new AI-driven Contextual Social Ad Units Carambola has once again brought contextual advertising to the next level, finding yet another way to keep users engaged longer on publisher’s pages, increase page per session, and add incremental revenue with ads, all while enhancing user satisfaction.

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