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Carousell Media Group partners with LiveRamp

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Carousell Media Group, the leading retail media network in Asia, partnered with leading data collaboration platform, LiveRamp. Carousell is integrating LiveRamp’s data collaboration platform, which includes LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), to safely and securely support Carousell’s retail media network.

ATS allows Carousell to enhance addressability with LiveRamp’s pseudonymous, people-based identifier, RampID™, increasing the value of Carousell’s media inventory across all channels. ATS creates addressable audiences without third-party cookies or mobile identifiers, enabling people-based marketing in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers, preparing marketers for the post-cookie future while providing immediate results. Carousell can offer its authenticated inventory to marketers interested in people-based marketing, allowing them to connect their first-party user data with RampID™, boosting overall monetization and yield.

LiveRamp’s data collaboration platform supports Carousell’s retail media efforts, allowing Carousell to responsibly collaborate with brands and their agencies, and enable them to build awareness, improve engagement, and drive purchase consideration to increase return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) without compromising consumer privacy. LiveRamp also enables Carousell’s advertisers to enrich data with its unmatched partner network, including connecting data to more than 500 platforms across social, TV, programmatic, display, and search.

“Our exciting new partnership with LiveRamp is all about creating a direct and dependable link between our advertisers’ data and our own. This means we can personalize ads, optimize strategies, and measure outcomes more effectively across our marketplaces,” explained JJ Eastwood, Managing Director of Carousell Media Group. “With LiveRamp, we’re not just making targeting more precise through ATS, but we’re also leveraging the exclusive enhanced clean room partner working with Google’s Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR). These capabilities give us the flexibility to build stronger customer relationships and form exciting new partnerships on a global scale.”

Carousell joins more than 3,000 publishers and 14,000 domains who have integrated with ATS globally, along with more than 165 DSPs and SSPs. More than 450 of the world’s leading advertisers activate campaigns through LiveRamp’s data collaboration platform, and the partnership with Carousell will further accelerate advertiser demand for authenticated inventory in Carousell’s markets, including Hong Kong and Singapore.

“Carousell has built one of the strongest e-commerce brands in Southeast Asia, and we’re excited to partner with them as we showcase the power of authenticated identity and data collaboration in building sustainable paths forward,” said Frederic Jouve, Managing Director, APAC, LiveRamp. “As the ecosystem shifts towards prioritizing first-party data strategies, we’ll help Carousell and its advertisers to build more unified views of their customers, and better activate on these insights, driving value for every part of the ecosystem.”

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