CData Software Unveils CData Arc Cloud

CData Arc simplifies B2B integration with no coding, installation, or infrastructure requirements and is available on premises and in the cloud.
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CData Software, a premier provider of data connectivity and integration solutions, today introduced the CData Arc platform, enabling organizations to automate their B2B integration workflows in minutes and share data with partners both in the cloud with CData Arc Cloud and on premises with CData Arc, previously named CData ArcESB.

B2B integration, the automated communication between two businesses or trading partners, is necessary for businesses to work with partners, including suppliers, manufacturers and insurance carriers. But manual methods translating and processing documents, files, and data across a series of complex standards and protocols are time-consuming and error-prone. By 2024, 75% of midsize to large enterprises will leverage at least two types of integration tools to address their B2B communication needs (source: Gartner).

CData Arc Cloud delivers comprehensive no-code B2B solutions in the cloud, allowing businesses across every industry to modernize and streamline their EDI, MFT, API and application integration strategy without the need for complex infrastructure, installation, or maintenance.

“CData Arc Cloud is a modern cloud-first platform that dramatically simplifies B2B integration, a market segment that has traditionally suffered in terms of innovation and investment,” said Amit Sharma, CEO and founder of CData. “With Arc Cloud, we will make it easier for businesses to trade with their partners and integrate systems without worrying about infrastructure.”

CData Arc Cloud reduces IT bottlenecks by ensuring all users can connect their data and handle complicated B2B workflows without writing or maintaining code. Platform features include:

  • Simple, no-code B2B: An intuitive, visual interface includes drag-and-drop features to make mapping and building workflows a breeze. Built-in reporting and powerful business rules allow teams to easily monitor and maintain integrations without the need for specialized developer skills.
  • Comprehensive connectivity: Leverage industry-leading data connectivity, with support for every major EDI and MFT standard and protocol, including X12, EDIFACT, HL7, AS2, SFTP, and more. CData Arc includes 85+ native connectors to internal, external, and custom applications, including Amazon, Shopify, ShipStation, and QuickBooks, and more.
  • Location agnostic: CData Arc Cloud requires no installation, hardware, or infrastructure and follows strict compliance and security protocols. The platform includes automatic upgrades to the latest version and is available as a hosted cloud service, marketplaces like AWS or Azure, or as a download with CData Arc on-prem.

CData Arc is used across a wide range of industries and use cases, including retail, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce and more. Healthcare organizations can meet FHIR and other interoperability standards while generating and sending patient and benefits records. Retail businesses can evaluate inventory levels, fulfill and ship orders efficiently and easily manage suppliers, manufacturers, and e-commerce platforms.

“We had a technical gap that we needed to close – that’s why we were looking for a tool that could easily do the job of mapping EDI files and converting them into a format we can use,” said Rama Kakarala, leader of the Enterprise Data Services team at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. “Our team has continued to leverage Arc’s powerful business rules to ensure our data quality remains uncompromised.”

CData empowers organizations to simplify data connectivity, eliminate data silos, and break down barriers to business insights. The data connectivity provider is committed to innovating in the cloud, announcing CData Arc Cloud on the heels of CData Connect Cloud, a platform that provides real-time data access and unified connection to cloud applications when and where businesses need it the most.

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