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CDP leader Hightouch Launches Match Booster

Match Booster is an easy, efficient way to enrich customer data and drive up audience match rates across advertising platforms.

Hightouch, a leader in Data Activation and Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions, has announced the launch of Match Booster, a breakthrough in how performance marketing teams can use data to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

With Match Booster, for the first time marketers can seamlessly and securely combine the power of their first-party customer data with data from the world’s leading enrichment providers to boost audience match rates across advertising platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and more.

The secret to Match Booster is the extensive identity enrichment data set Hightouch has built through partnerships with a number of the world’s leading data providers. This identity store securely houses billions of hashed user identifiers such as email addresses, phone numbers, or device IDs. When Match Booster is toggled on, Hightouch matches identifiers from your first-party audience data with the identity enrichment data. As audiences are sent to destinations like Facebook, Hightouch references the identity store and enriches the audiences with the hashed identifiers before final upload to the various ad destinations.

With enriched identity data, advertising platforms can better match desired user profiles, providing larger, more precise audiences. Enabled with larger audiences, marketing teams are able to target or suppress more customers across channels; optimizing segmentation, driving personalization, and maximizing their overall return on ad spend.

For the first time, data onboarding doesn’t mean storing your sensitive customer data with a third party. Now, enrichment can be done in real-time as your audiences get pushed into the advertising platforms, providing the security, flexibility and peace of mind desired by modern organizations.

“We’re excited to launch Match Booster, one of our most powerful products yet,” said Tejas Manohar, Co-CEO of Hightouch. “With Match Booster, we’re helping marketing teams fill in customer data gaps and maximize their return on advertising spend. It’s a game-changer for growth and performance marketing teams looking to get the most out of their campaigns.”

Match Booster is designed to work with the many ad platforms that Hightouch already integrates with. It is available as an add-on to both Hightouch’s core Reverse ETL offering as well as Customer Studio, Hightouch’s suite of no-code audience tools. With just a few clicks, Hightouch customers can unlock secure data onboarding without the hassle of building manual pipelines, setting up data clean rooms, or paying for expensive Liveramp contracts.

The new feature has already delivered impressive results for Hightouch customers. A leading publisher, for example, was able to boost their match rates an average of +35% across Facebook, and TikTok, allowing the team to drastically reduce wasted ad spend on existing customers. A mid-stage SaaS company was able to enrich their customer data with additional identifiers, resulting in a 68% boost to their audience match rates on Meta platforms.

Match Booster is available today as a product for Business Tier customers. To learn more, read the blog post or schedule a demo with the Hightouch team.

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