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Celebrus refines data analytics reporting with unveiling of CDA

Celebrus Digital Analytics is the Only Fully Compliant Digital Analytics Platform Available

Celebrus refines data analytics reporting with the unveiling of Celebrus Digital Analytics (CDA), a new fully- enclosed solution for web analytics that builds on Celebrus as a true first-party, live-time platform.

Celebrus automatically captures, contextualizes, and activates consumer behavioral data in live-time across all digital channels.

With web analytics being challenged on multiple fronts and the deprecation of third-party cookies looming, marketers face an enormous challenge that impacts the accuracy of their data.

CDA, hosted in a single-tenant private cloud, provides organizations with access to a single source of truth for digital data without data, connectivity or activation gaps; no need to rely on third-party platforms that use a shared environment and funnel data through outside environments, posing huge regulatory risks.

Third-party platforms aren’t a reliable source of accurate data due to tagging and coding limitations, time and profile constraints, and data loss, causing a vicious cycle that prevents brands from realizing the full potential of their data. With Celebrus Digital Analytics, brands employ a fully compliant solution that provides better control and more power over their data.

Notable key differentiators of Celebrus Digital Analytics include:

  • All of the reporting that brands have come to know, love, and expect in true live-time so value can be generated on Day 1
  • No tagging is ever required for web, mobile or app – every digital interaction is automatically captured so you’ll never hear “we didn’t tag for that” again
  • First-party identity graph for accurate and complete identity resolution that will provide invaluable insight into your digital traffic

“I’ve spent my entire career in data. Reporting is a commodity, but the traditional third-party methods for reporting have continued to underdeliver in today’s marketplace,” said Bill Bruno, CEO. “Gaps in data, identity, and connectivity cause pain for marketers, data analysts, and agencies as they all work tirelessly to understand what investments are working and which aren’t. Celebrus puts data reporting back in the hands of professionals that need it most, without any of the hassles or restrictions. CDA is one more way Celebrus is improving the relationships between brands and consumers via better data.”

Celebrus Digital Analytics is built for marketers and loved by compliance! For more information, visit here.

About Celebrus

As a disruptive data technology platform, Celebrus is focused on improving the relationships between brands and consumers via better data. Celebrus redefines what digital identity verification means to power both next-level marketing and fraud prevention use cases. Deployed across 30+ countries throughout the financial services, healthcare, retail, travel, and telecommunications sectors, Celebrus automatically captures, contextualizes, and activates consumer behavioral data in live time across all digital channels. Through the addition of behavioral biometrics and AI, Celebrus empowers brands to detect and prevent fraud before it occurs. To ensure that brands can begin to improve those relationships quickly, Celebrus Cloud activates the Celebrus platform efficiently for brands in a single-tenant, private cloud capacity.

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