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Census announced the launch of GitLink

Census’s Git integration revolutionizes marketing and data team collaboration by enabling version control, peer review, and testing for business operations

Census, the leading Data Activation and Reverse ETL platform that syncs customer data from data warehouses to over 160 key business tools, today announced the launch of GitLink, a powerful Git integration that revolutionizes the way business data workflows are managed. With GitLink, Census empowers businesses to apply software engineering best practices to their customer data pipelines, ensuring governance, version control, testing, and peer review capabilities.

“Traditionally, data integration solutions like Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) compromise governance and observability for user-friendliness,” said Jeff Sloan, Product Manager at Census. “We don’t think that tradeoff should exist. Our core belief is that your data activation workflows deserve the same care and attention as production-grade software.”

The Census Data Activation platform uses Reverse ETL (extract, transform, load) to sync cloud data warehouses with business applications in real time, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of their customer data. With Census, companies can seamlessly activate and sync customer data across various marketing and business tools, driving personalization, automation, and targeting. By combining the benefits of code and no-code approaches, Census bridges the gap between self-service and governance, enabling collaboration between marketers and data teams.

Census GitLink syncs configuration bi-directionally between the user’s Census workspace and Git repository, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of data activation as code. Key features include:

  • Data activation as code. Create, edit, and review Census SQL Models and Syncs directly in simple, well-defined YAML files.
  • Bi-directional syncs. Easily make changes either in code or in the Census UI.
  • Version control and seamless rollbacks. View all changes to your Census configuration, and roll back any mistaken changes with the power of Git.
  • Automated integration testing. Census enables continuous integration (CI) checks on pull requests in your Git repository, and provides insight into what changes will occur in Census, or if any changes are invalid.
  • Governance for every use case. Enable any approval flow your team needs. Fully govern any Census workspace in Git with view-only access controls + GitLink.

Revolutionize your marketing and business operations with software engineering best practices. To learn more about Census GitLink, read the announcement here.

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