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Census Builds Audience Hub for Marketers on Snowflake Data Cloud

Census Audience Hub, Powered by Snowflake, enables data activation and visual audience segmentation for marketers on the Snowflake Data Cloud

Census today announced the launch of Audience Hub for marketers. Audience Hub, Powered by Snowflake, will enable customers to leverage their investments in the Snowflake Data Cloud to deliver personalized cross-channel engagement. Marketing and business teams can now activate first-party data, build dynamic audience segments, and personalize messaging with an entire suite of customer engagement tools built on Snowflake.

“Today’s data-driven marketers require platforms that accelerate experimentation and personalization while reducing Total Cost of Ownership, without increasing security risk. With this joint solution, marketers will have more powerful tools than ever at their disposal,” said Boris Jabes, CEO at Census. “We have been the pioneer of making data actionable for customer-facing teams, and we’re excited to be working with Snowflake’s innovative technology as we enter the next phase of that journey.”

Data volumes have exploded and organizations are increasingly adopting cloud data platforms to scale operations, accelerate performance, and control costs. Previously, marketers faced challenges activating personalized customer experiences because their data was fragmented across dozens of marketing systems.

Building Audience Hub on Snowflake has allowed Census to give joint customers the ability to leverage a single, unified source of truth for data activation and reverse ETL. With direct access to 360° customer data in the Snowflake Data Cloud, marketers can easily create, explore, and manage segments across all their data with near-zero maintenance and enhanced data security.

“In a hyper-competitive marketing landscape where agility and speed are critical, it no longer makes sense for your customer data to live in a separate data store. By activating data directly from the enterprise data platform, marketers eliminate complexity of managing integrations that lead to latency and poor campaign performance,” said Ganesh Subramanian, Director of Product Marketing at Snowflake. “Snowflake is enabling next-generation providers, such as Census, to develop their solutions on the Snowflake Data Cloud.”

Key features and benefits of the joint solution include:

  • Visual audience builder: A marketer-friendly point-and-click interface with advanced segmentation capabilities like many-to-many relationships and nested and/or statements.
  • Third-party data enrichment: The ability to leverage third-party data for profile enrichment and segmentation from 1800+ diverse datasets from 390+ providers on Snowflake Marketplace (as of January 31, 2023).
  • Audience analysis features: Powerful analytics to track segment membership, health, size, and overlaps, which can be logged back into Snowflake to measure audience performance.

Joint customers such as Canva, Sonos, Figma, and Notion are able to personalize marketing campaigns, optimize ad performance, and drive experimentation with Audience Hub, Powered by Snowflake. For example, Canva activates customer data to personalize outreach to over 125 million monthly users.

“Our tech stack including Snowflake and Census allows us to integrate our data from multiple different sources into one source of truth, so that we can activate all our data and unlock it in lots of different ways,” said Matthew Castino, Lifecycle Data Lead at Canva. “Census helps us create audiences and segments and even leverage machine learning outputs in marketing and advertising platforms. It also means we’re not locked into the particular limitations of an individual tool, so we can have a great deal of flexibility.”

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